7 Best Wine Pairings with Duck

How to Create a Delicious Duck and Wine Pairing | WineLoverMagazine

When considering what to combine with duck for that great event or dinner, you may consider what you have in your wine cooler. This is not just a bright idea but a good one. Combining wine and duck is an exceptional thing to do. Both have certain qualities that complement each other.

After deciding to go with wine, the next question is what wine with duck will be great. This may sound tricky, but that is why we are here to help. Below are our suggestions on the best wine with duck pairings.

Pan-seared Duck Breast and Pinot Noir

When pairing duck and wines, one rule you should adhere to is to match intensity with intensity. A good example is duck and Pinot Noir. They have adequate intensity. Duck is known to do well in fruits. This makes Pinot Noir a great choice for your pan-seared duck breast.

Duck Pate and Sauternes

The duck pate and Sauternes is a luxury match that can provide you with an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Your Duck pate provides creaminess that aligns with the lively feel of Sauternes on the taste buds. The contrast between the duck pate and the wine works excellently. This goes against the typical rule of matching intensity with intensity regarding taste.

Duck a L’Orange and Beaujolais

A great match-up here is the duck a l’orange and the Beaujolais. Both are rich in fruitiness. Your citrus-based duck offering requires a fruity wine to complement it, which Beaujolais provides. The wine contains great amounts of cranberry, cherry, and raspberry flavors. This pairing is an aromatic one and a great choice for dinner.

Roasted Duck and Barolo

The idea of roasting a duck is to loosen the potential deep flavor. To make this effective, you need a great wine pairing. An excellent choice is Barolo. This wine has adequate fruitiness and tannins.

Barolo is a red wine whose acidity complements the fattiness of your roasted duck. It also has an earthy feel that adds spice to your meal. Thus, Barolo and roasted duck are a perfect match.

Curried Duck and Gewurztraminer

If you have curried duck, you will need a suitable pairing to complement the spiciness. A great option for this is Gewurztraminer. It has a great constitution of spice flavors such as pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and ginger. This provides a sharp taste that goes well in hot dishes. This wine can also lock in the heat of your curried duck due to its aromatic flavor.

Duck Confit and Malbec

An intense duck dish requires an equally intense wine for accompaniment. The tannin richness of Malbec makes it a suitable choice to go with your duck confit. The dark and cloudy nature of Malbec aligns with the deepness of the duck confit. And knowing that the meal is a salty one, a powerful wine like Malbec will enhance the feeling.

Peking Duck and Zinfandel

Asian cuisine is known for its chili and crispy feel. The Peking duck is not an exception. It comes with a plum sauce. You may wonder what type of wine would go with this combination. Well, Zinfandel is a great option. Aside from its fruitiness, this wine also contains its fair share of hot spices like cinnamon and chili. This provides great harmony with the Peking duck and plum sauce.


Looking for a perfect wine match for your duck dish can be confusing. There is great flexibility when choosing what wine you prefer as tastes differ. However, the suggestions above have been tried and tested. A great experience awaits you if you choose to try any of them.