Whimsical, living architecture, conjured in the Mexican jungle


Going for walks into Azulik Uh May, with its winding pathways, cascading vines and uneven design, is like getting into yet another planet. But the place, says Eduardo Neira, is to feel far more connected to ours.

Nature is much more than a muse for the self-taught architect, who goes by the one identify Roth. “Character is my faculty,” he explained. “You see in the mother nature there are not square angles, there are no square planets. But in lifetime, we dwell in square sites and we transportation in square areas and operating in square sites. So, our intellect results in being square.”

Correspondent Manuel Bojorquez questioned, “You feel we have gotten as well significantly away from the pure type?”

“Certainly, so a lot away.”

Trees are an necessary factor in the style and design of Azulik Uh Might, an artists’ group, gallery and home in the jungle close to Tulum, Mexico. 

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So, when Roth made a decision to construct an artists’ community, gallery and residence in the jungle close to Tulum, Mexico, he enlisted the help of the people today who knew the land greatest: the indigenous Mayans.

The design and style grew organically, with no blueprints. “We use the ancestral techniques to make all the things handmade,” he said. “We could not carry significant equipment.” In actuality, trees are an critical aspect in the design the properties were being created all around them. “There are 200 trees residing in this home,” he mentioned.

When constructing Azulik Uh May in the Mexican jungle, no trees were slice down they were being as a substitute integrated into the design and style organically.  

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“So, no blueprint, no large machinery, and you’re heading with the flow of the jungle, of the trees?” requested Bojorquez. “You really didn’t lower a single any tree?”

“No, we will not slice any.”


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Quite a few of the tunnels and walkways are produced of bejuco, a sustainable vine that grows in the trees.


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The arts community is Roth’s latest job, but his authentic masterpiece is just about 18 miles away, at a beach in Tulum, where by above the past ten years a little cabana he designed has grown into a person of the area’s most common resorts: the Azulik. The identify is a combination of the Spanish phrase for blue and the Mayan word for wind.

The Azulik vacation resort in Tulum, Mexico. 

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“Everything was improvised,” Roth reported. “That is why the lodge is so bizarre, simply because it’s developed, like in the mother nature.”

A rope bridge connects factors of the Azulik vacation resort. 

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Bridges link nest-like perches, and friends are encouraged to ditch phones and air conditioning in favor of the ocean breeze. Vacationers flock right here, even if just for a picture.

Again at the arts local community, Roth’s target is to draw in and nourish expertise, from ceramic artists to locals like Luis Caamal, who know this sort of macrame.

Bojorquez mentioned, “I have to say, strolling close to I come to feel like I’m a boy or girl again, simply because you’re climbing trees and crossing a drawbridge, and folks are smiling. It does carry you again to something very …. it is really playful.”

Roth claimed, “In nature every little thing is playful. All the birds are singing, every person is a celebration. We have to recuperate this happiness, the celebration of nature.”


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