Tips on home improvement and maintenance from two New Braunfels housing professionals


Local community Impression Newspaper spoke to a regional true estate agent and roofing expert on what to glance out for in the current housing industry. The next discussions ended up flippantly edited for duration and clarity.

Request a real estate agent:

Sarah McDaniel, operator and operator of Greenbelt Realty, shared some of her recommendations for potential buyers and sellers in the recent New Braunfels housing industry.

What are some of your top rated recommendations for homebuyers suitable now?

“Have large trust in the [real estate agent] that you’re doing the job with. Two, I think anything that is useful is never essentially shy away from some of these lending plans like … This time previous 12 months 65% of just about every deal that most mortgage brokers did was refinances. And certainly with interest premiums going up which is not the case. So creditors are hurting, way too. … Now’s not the time to mess all over with part-time brokers, and don’t shy away from nontraditional procedures for financing.”

What are your top tips for dwelling sellers appropriate now?

“Because stock continues to climb during this time of 12 months, a person major offer is generally generating your residence the best it can potentially appear. … Our technique is always record it in sight of where the property could moderately appraise … it provides your agent a much better shot at negotiating much better appraisal language. … Even although the current market is so warm, nonetheless record your household within just a acceptable total that it could really appraise for, like, do not go mad.”

Sarah McDaniel, Proprietor and broker, Greenbelt Realty

147 S. Academy Ave., New Braunfels • 979-308-1385 •


Request a roofer:

Ami Feller, operator of Roofer Chicks, shared some ideas to maintain in head about the situation of a roof when buying a residence.

What are your major suggestions to homebuyers, the two new builds and more mature residences, to search for?

“I usually tell people it would behoove them to have a roofing contractor essentially appear at the roof a lot of house inspectors, they’re not experts they are generalists. So a great deal of moments when they’re wanting at the roof, they really don’t genuinely know what they’re looking at. Actually, 50% of them never even get on the roof. They just form of both take photos from the ground or set their ladder up and just take pics from a ladder. So I would get a roofing contractor [to] arrive out and take a seem at the roof like we charge $185 for a authentic estate inspection, and it’s well truly worth it for the peace of thoughts. The huge point is to make certain that it doesn’t have hail damage, since if it has hail problems it requirements to be changed, and the seller’s coverage would far more than most likely address most of the fees of replacement. So that’s a real good factor to determine out prior to you acquire the property.”

If any person was on the lookout into new roofing or buying a newly crafted dwelling, what are some tips you might have?

“For most builders the roof is one area exactly where they help save cash. We don’t do new design because the charges are so very low. The quality of the roof is quickly very reduced. Even on million-dollar houses. They go out and they appear for crews, and the crews are not always roofers. They know how to nail shingles but they are not actual great at all the facts. And so once again, I would encourage individuals to have the roof inspected at minimum prior to you signal off and settle for that.”

Ami Feller, operator, Roofer Chicks

808 W. County Line Highway, New Braunfels • 830-783-1328 •



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