Save Bathroom Space With a Corner Pedestal Sink

The bathroom is usually a relatively small space compared to the other rooms of the house. This means that saving space is an even more important issue than it is with the other rooms in your home. The bathroom sink, in particular, has the potential to become a huge waste of space if not planned properly. This can be easily remedied through one very useful kitchen fixture: the corner pedestal sink.

There is but a little difference between a corner pedestal sink and a conventional one: the corner sink is mounted on a pedestal that is shaped like a wedge. This allows it to be easily places into the corner of a bathroom. This allows the sink to occupy much less space that it would were it placed on a wall of the bathroom. This space, in turn, may be used for more things, such as bathroom shelves and cabinets. This also makes the bathroom more convenient and flexible space that is much easier to move around in.

Aesthetically and economically speaking, there are two main types of corner sinks to choose from: vintage corner sinks and new models. Each type, obviously, will have its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

A vintage pedestal sink, for example, will have all the aesthetic charm of an antique, meaning that it will have an aesthetic effect that newer models do not have, making it a more charming option for guest bathrooms and bathrooms with a generally more antique aesthetic. The downside of having a vintage corner sink, though, is that good pieces are much more difficult to find, as they are usually found in antique store, than newer pieces, which can be readily found in home depot stores. If given a sufficient amount of time, effort and money, though, a well chosen vintage sink can serve as an advantage as well, as these are usually one of a kind and unobtainable anywhere else, making them truly unique pieces of art in your bathroom.

There are also advantages to having a newer pedestal bathroom sink too, however. Firstly, they are easy to obtain compared to vintage sinks, as they are manufactured in large numbers. The fact that they are mass produced also means that they cost much cheaper than vintage ones do. This also means that a newer sink is a more economical fixture option for a sink in the master bedroom, where having a unique aesthetic appeal will probably not matter as much.

Additionally, it is not only the bathroom that can benefit from the added space that a corner pedestal sink can give. Other rooms, particularly kitchens, can benefit as well from the added space.

Before you go off and buy the first corner sink that catches your eye, however, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially regarding the plumbing in your home. Just keep an eye out for little details like this, though, and you will be enjoying the many benefits of having a corner sink.

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