Need a public bathroom? Here’s a list by ZIP code of where they are located on Staten Island


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — In a city that has an ever-growing population, it might sometimes be hard to find a public bathroom.

For this reason, two city public officials have proposed a new “bathroom bill” that aims to have at least one public restroom in every Big Apple ZIP code.

After studying a bathroom map of Staten Island, the Advance/ found there are two ZIP codes, 10311 and 10313, in the borough that are missing comfort stations.

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine and Brooklyn Councilwoman Rita Joseph introduced the legislation in May 12, 2021 aimed at bringing working public bathrooms to every city neighborhood, which would require the city to draft a report listing potential sites for public bathrooms in every ZIP code.

The bill has been introduced, but has not passed; the City Council has yet to vote on it.

“The city’s lack of public restrooms is an issue of equity, public health, sanitation and basic human rights,” Levine said in a statement. “It’s beyond time for the city to catch up to other modern cities, and take steps to ensure that all New Yorkers and tourists have a place to go when nature calls.”

Of the nation’s 100 largest cities, New York ranks 93rd on the number of bathrooms per capita, according to a report by NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, titled “Dis-comfort stations: The Conditions and Availability of NYC Parks Bathrooms.”

“These deficiencies are even more acute in select neighborhoods across the five boroughs,” the report stated. “While New Yorkers in some neighborhoods and boroughs are subject to unclean, unsavory and unsafe bathrooms, many others have far too few facilities, severely limiting the time they can spend in their local parks and playgrounds.”

The legislation does not require the city to construct any new bathrooms just yet. However, the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Parks and Recreation are expected to submit a joint report to the mayor and City Council speaker by June 1, 2023, pinpointing at least one location in each New York City ZIP code suitable for installing a public bathroom along with budget and logistic details.

“Parks has 680 comfort station facilities accounting for about 1,400 bathrooms split largely between men and women and family rooms — each typically having multiple stalls. They are open seven days a week and were kept open throughout the pandemic,” a Parks Department spokesperson said. “We will be reviewing the legislation.”

With the city required to study its current system of public bathrooms, the (DOT) also said they are “reviewing the legislation.”

“Building the restrooms will require interagency cooperation between the Department of Transportation and the Department of Parks of Recreation. To turn the vision of restroom equity into reality, the city will need to allocate the necessary funds, and I’m ready to work with my colleagues and the mayor to make that happen,” Councilwoman Joseph said.

Public Bathrooms on Staten Island by ZIP code

The Advance/ has compiled a list of public bathrooms on Staten Island and sectioned them into respective ZIP codes to make it easier for those who are out and about to find near places to go. The list is as follows:


Terrace Playground – Howard Avenue & Martha Street (Sunnyside)

Silver Lake Park – Victory Blvd & Forest Avenue (Silver Lake)

Mahoney Playground – Crescent Avenue & Jersey Street (St. George)

Staten Island Ferry – 1 Bay Street (St. George)

Clove Lakes Park – 1150 Clove Road (Castleton Corners)


Levy Playground – Jewett Avenue & Castleton Avenue (Port Richmond)

Markham Playground – Willowbrook Road & Houston Street (Graniteville)


The Big Park – Grandview Avenue & Continental Place (Mariners Harbor)

Jennifer’s Playground – Regis Dr between Farragut Avenue & Elson Court (Graniteville)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk And Beach – One bathroom located in Greeley Avenue and Father Capodanno Boulevard/ One bathroom located in Sand Lane & Father Capodanno Boulevard/ One bathroom located in Boardwalk, near Seaview Avenue / One bathroom located in Doty Avenue & Father Capodanno Boulevard


Rev. Dr. Maggie Howard Playground – Tompkins Avenue & Broad Street (Clifton)


Dematti Park – Tompkins Avenue & Chestnut Avenue (Rosebank)

Old Town Playground – Parkinson Avenue & Kramer Street (Arrochar)

South Beach Wetlands – Quintard Street between Quincy Avenue & Father Capodanno Boulevard (Arrochar)

Arrochar Playground Comfort Station – Sand Lane, Major Avenue, McFarland Avenue (Arrochar)

Dongan Playground – Mason Avenue between Buel Avenue and Dongan Hills Avenue (Midland Beach)


Midland Playground – Lincoln Avenue & Mason Avenue (Midland Beach)

Dugan Playground – Mill Road & Tysens Lane (New Dorp Beach) (Currently closed/uUnder renovation)

General Douglas MacArthur Park – East 49 Street & East River Drive (Midland Beach)

Midland Field – Midland Avenue & Mason Avenue (Midland Beach)

Great Kills Park Beach Center – 204 Buffalo Street (seasonal)

Great Kills Park Parking Lot – Buffalo Street (seasonal)

Blood Root Valley – Rockland Avenue & Manor Avenue & Brielle Avenue & Forest Hill Road


Joline Pool Playground – Joline Avenue & Hylan Boulevard (Tottenville)

Conference House Park – Pittsville Street & Hylan Boulevard & Surf Avenue & Richard Avenue (Tottenville)


Greencroft Playground – Redgrave Avenue & Ainsworth Avenue & Durant Avenue (Bay Terrace)


Boomingdale Park – Richmond Parkway & Bloomingdale Road & Lenevar Avenue (Woodrow)


RUMC Hospital – 800 Castleton Avenue (West New Brighton)

Corporal Thompson Park – Broadway & Henderson Avenue (Port Richmond)

Austin J. McDonald Playground – Forest Avenue & Myrtle Avenue between Broadway & Burgher (West Brighton)

The bathroom in Austin J. McDonald Park is at the center of the park, where there is a playground and a basketball court. The area is busy and those driving have to look for street parking. (Staten Island Advance/Priya Shahi)Priya Shahi

Walker Park – Delafield Place & Bard Avenue (Randall Manor)

10311 – Missing Public Bathroom


E.M.T. Christopher J. Prescott Playground – Hylan Boulevard & Huguenot Avenue (Prince’s Bay)

Lieutenant John H. Martinson Playground- Osborne Street & Preston Avenue (Eltingville)

Blue Heron Park Preserve – Poillon Avenue (Annadale)

Wolfe’s Pond Park – At beachfront, South of parking lot

10313 – Missing Public Bathroom


Christopher J. Igneri Playground (Todt Hill Playground) – Schmidts Lane & Manor Road (Manor Heights)

Willowbrook Park – Richmond Avenue & Victory Boulevard (Mid-Island)

The bathroom at Willowbrook park is right next to a pond filled with swimming geese. Parking is available inside of the park. (Staten Island Advance/Priya Shahi)Priya Shahi

Schmul Park – Wild Avenue & Pearson Street (Travis Chelsea)

The public restroom in Schmul Park is adjacent to a grass field and the yellow door entrance is shaded by two trees. (Staten Island Advance/Priya Shahi)Priya Shahi

A dog washing station is located outside of the public restroom in Schmul Park. (Staten Island Advance/Priya Shahi)Priya Shahi

High Rock Park – Richmond Parkway & Moravian Cemetery at Rockland Avenue (One bathroom by Paw Trail near Blue Trail & another by Paw Trail & Red Dot Trail)


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