Maine Is Backed Up Against A Strained Supply Of Port-A-Potties

*WARNING* I will be building as lots of rest room similar puns or jokes as possible in the course of this total piece. Make certain to log that as we make movement as a result of this short article…..

Maine is turning out to be #1 at not staying able to go #2. Or number 1 for that subject. It looks like we’re experiencing a crisis of the worst kind…… a scarcity of port-a-potties. It can be a anxiety we hardly ever understood we experienced, till now, when it would seem our luck is operating out. If you happen to be wanting to rent a single suitable now for something, fantastic luck to you.

A person these types of journeyman of the Johns is Royal Flush in South Portland. In accordance to WGME – Television set13, mainly because of delays at the resource, the potties have been reduced to a trickle in conditions of producing. Pre-pandemic, the dams ended up popping with pee palaces. Now, you are unable to uncover 1 anywhere.

And because of this backlog, it really is clogging up people’s talents to get a person at all. Most sites are prioritizing returning customers, so until some new commodes get there, most men and women will be crossing their legs for really some time. Royal Flush reported they had been slated to get a cargo past thirty day period, but it really is been delayed for the foreseeable long run.

Thank god Waterfront Concerts did all all those updates to their lavatory predicament. I have lost count of how several periods I’ve done the wee-wee shuffle, waiting around for my flip at one particular of these wretched, smelly sizzling bins. Individuals traces would extend all the way over to Dunkin’ if they ended up still solely rocking the gastro-closet.

Now¬†would be the time for some enterprising young genius to “crapitalize” on everyone’s absence of a squat place. Maybe it is really time for the return of the good aged picket outhouse. Oh yeah, there is a lumber lack much too. So I guess there in all probability is not going to be any of people either.

Probably it truly is time for that brick you-know-what household we have normally heard about. granted, it would not be transportable. But it would certainly stand up to whatever Uncle Ralph can dish out at the family picnic this year. Or maybe just really don’t enable him dish as considerably into his grocery gap at the 4th of July BBQ.

With any luck, this will all operate itself out effectively just before the stop of the summer time. I unquestionably never want to be taking a paddle around the lake and see the neighbors carrying out their company al fresco. Possessing the septic tank emptied is bad enough. Wtching the neighbors striving to differentiate maple leaves from poison ivy just will not sound exciting.

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