Lose The Clutter but Not the Memories: How To Downsize Your Sentimental Clutter


By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

If you are trying to downsize and declutter, are you challenged by acquiring to allow go of sentimental issues?

If you are, you are absolutely not by yourself. By far, receiving rid of items that are in the vicinity of and expensive to our hearts can be a single of the most tricky parts of your downsizing and decluttering journey.

I say “can be” due to the fact it does not have to be as difficult as we have a tendency to make it.

It’s essentially achievable to master how to allow go of sentimental clutter… the merchandise themselves. With out shedding the particular recollections we affiliate with them.

Does the imagined of letting go of some of these issues feel unachievable?

They are unique for every of us, but these sentimental merchandise cause our emotions… equally very good and negative.

You may well have already tried to allow go of some of these points, but you felt overcome unfortunate or upset so you just stopped, stating “I just can’t!”

Or maybe…

You have picked out to disregard them all with each other mainly because you are not prepared yet to deal with them.

But if you are like many who have misplaced dad and mom or beloved ones and inherited a residence full of things that is now sitting down in your garage, basement or storage unit that you had been paying for…

The issue gets:

If not now, when will you begin the process of letting it go?

Would not it be excellent if…

You could really feel empowered to offer with individuals sentimental issues fairly than sensation weighed down emotionally, permitting them hinder your downsizing and decluttering approach and reduce you from putting the past in the past so you can go on, free of charge of muddle and relieved from the guilt?


Here’s what you can count on to master when you adhere to this functional 5-move tutorial:

  • Explore particular kinds of litter that keep you back again

  • Establish what you’ve designed that sentimental clutter mean so you can recognize why you are so attached to them

  • Master how to painlessly enable go of sentimental merchandise you’ve beforehand been not able to offer with

  • Develop realistic routines for downsizing and decluttering those items so you can do it less complicated and more rapidly, producing reliable progress

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Action 1: Identify the form of litter that stops you

The 5 sorts of clutter:


1. Inherited Muddle:

Other people’s stuff that you are tasked to get rid of.

(i.e., China, Furniture, family members pictures)


2. Aspirational Muddle:

Your stuff that you have earned, collected or purchased that you keep on to keep on to and possibly even now aspire to.

(i.e., trophies, awards, costly apparel, autos, or furnishings)


3. Attachment Litter:

Stuff you have been given or have been presented that means a large amount to you (or not) that reminds you of a individual, unique time or area in your daily life

(i.e., like letters, wedding albums, photographs, souvenirs, keepsakes)


4. Discount Litter:

Your stuff you have bought on sale since it was a fantastic discount

(i.e., hobby things, shoes, attractive components)


5. Abundance Litter:

Your things that you purchased in bulk, stockpiling it “just in case” you could possibly require it in the potential

(i.e., rest room paper, pantry objects)


Which style of clutter is most challenging for you to enable go of and why?

How is it impacting your existence right now?


Step 2: Pick 1 product that you are most challenged by correct now. Maintain it in your hand.


Why is it so crucial to you?

Why do you benefit it so a lot?

Why do you consider it is so challenging to enable go of?


Phase 3: How does that product make you feel as you are holding it?

The reminiscences and emotions can be optimistic or unfavorable.

Admit what you ended up feeling

i.e., beloved, offended, resentful, or connected to your loved one particular

What do you think you have made that product indicate?

i.e., if I allow it go, I’ll reduce the relationship to my cherished 1

Examine my new posting: Remedy Your Appreciate-Loathe Partnership with Litter This Spring


Step 4: What would it feel like if you had been no extended hooked up to that item?

What variation would it make in your life? 

i.e., freedom from guilt, resentment, or anger

How will it impact your future?

i.e., I can eventually enable it go, give it to somebody who requirements it or desires it, provide pleasure to someone else


Move 5: Master how to permit go

  • Just take a photo of that item.

  • Notify a story about why it indicates so a lot to you. Place it in a Shutterfly album.

  • Choose 2 or 3 merchandise from a assortment, and donate the rest.

  • Remind oneself that it’s just a factor, and fully grasp you gave which means to it. If you really do not want it, need to have it, use it, then permit it go.

  • Remind on your own that your beloved a person is no for a longer time with you and that their memory life in your intellect and in your heart, not in that item.


Item by merchandise, observe my 5-Stage Guidebook.

Just know that this method does get time and is psychological, but it does get much easier more than time to make a choice to enable it go.

Very best wishes on your journey to let go of your sentimental objects but not the recollections.

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