Emily’s Easy, Throw On And Go Summer Outfits That Still Make Her Feel Put Together


I didn’t really have an intention to do a summer fashion post so this isn’t a big curated outfit situation. But as I was packing for our month at the mountain house, I tried to pull together more of a capsule collection that was super easy (and packed light). Nothing too curated or exceptional, but clothes that are easy to wear, cute, comfortable, and good for hot weather.

Dress | Sandals | Bag | Bag Strap (similar) | Hat

This dress kinda bored me when I saw it online, TBH, but that’s because the details are hard to see and you can never understand the fit/drape in still photos on models. I posted this one stories (and will re-post it today) so you can see how it moves because it moves really well. It’s linen but not stiff and just falls really well. Now that the kids are fully out of the toddler phase I’m curious if I can handle a white dress, we’ll see! The only thing I have yet to test is if you need to steam it after washing (which I’m historically bad about). Oh, and it’s thick enough to not need a slip (which I also tend to avoid). I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing this A LOT this summer, over suits, at BBQs – it’s just very flattering and easy to wear. The shoes in this shot are the lug sole sandals which are super comfortable and grippy on the bottom, can be dressed up and down, but they are on the heavier side in case that bugs you. The hat is SO GOOD. You can see it in one of the other photos below, but it looks really utilitarian and classic – not tending towards any style and the leather strap keeps it on despite any breeze.

The cute purse is from Madewell and I ended up returning it after the shoot because I realized that I already have this one that I love and don’t need both. I put it with that patterned strap (which I love) but it comes with a thin brown leather strap that I think looks better with it, actually (scale-wise).

Striped T-Shirt | Shorts | Sandals

Here we have a super forgiving, soft, and stretchy (but not clingy) scoop neck tee that is slightly on the crop side, but not SUPER cropped. LOVE. The shorts will be known as “the ones without holes or frayed edges” as I mostly wear ripped Levi’s or the below jean shorts. However, sometimes you want to look slightly less disheveled. I’m wearing a small in the shirt (I’m a 6 right now).

Denim Shacket | Shorts | Sandals

If you are in the market, this shacket is GOOD. Not too stiff/heavy, not too floppy/wrinkly – with a good amount of structure and layer ability. I’m wearing a small here. Please note both styles of pockets.

Sweater | Shorts | Sandals | Hat

I am already surprised at how much I’ve worn this “summer sweater”. It’s lightweight because of the open stitch but heavy enough to fall well (not clingy). This is year three with those shorts and they are still available (sadly I don’t know if they are the longer length or the shorter one, sorry!). They used to be more oversized and now they fit more snug 🙂 (If you usually size down with Madewell, make sure you do with these – they run big and are meant to sit on hips, but if you buy your true size they might fall off). The fisherman sandals are excellent – cute white soles, super comfortable, and great for hiding a bunion should you also be blessed with one! Oh and I’ve worn that hat A TON since I bought it. It’s cute and not overly branded.

Shorts | Striped T-Shirt | Button-Up | Sandals | Hat

Same outfit as above, with a slightly more park ranger vibe (I wore this the other day with hiking boots and really nailed the look). I’m wearing so many button-ups this summer (less blousy, more menswear I suppose) and this is a good one. I haven’t washed it yet to find out the wrinklability (which is important to me) but the shape, drape, and the style are good. The sandals I bought last year and they are going strong. Super comfortable, with enough of a lift, and just very “everyday”.

Sandals | Shorts | Jacket

Another shirt jacket (but with a cute railroad stripe) although I tend to wear this one more, with more heft since it’s easier to layer. The striped one is lighter weight – more like a thick shirt, which is good over a thin shirt or a tank top but doesn’t layer as well over a thicker shirt or a sweatshirt. The hat I’m wearing there is my favorite local merch from Arrowhead – from Skypark, you know the year-round Christmas-themed adventure park that I’m obsessed with.

Button-Up | Shorts | Sneakers

I’m living in those sneakers right now. I lost one of my checkered Vans but these are solid summer sneakers, that feel graphic and cool and better for long walks than the Vans are anyway. And here you can see the loose breezy button-up worn as a shirt (not layered).

This linen shirt is EXCELLENT. It drapes so well (check stories), is extremely lightweight, so easy to wear and layer even on hot days. If I grab it straight out of the dryer it’s wrinkle-free. It’s a splurge but if you are looking to just buy one and wear it for work and on days off, I think it’s a solid buy.

Here’s a closer look.

Shorts | Clogs

As far as I can tell Target isn’t selling these button-ups anymore, which is a bummer (I have this one in white and this pink stripe). It’s good because of the collar (little buttons!) and the menswear pocket. While trying to find it on their site I did find this one which is SUPER cute, but I don’t need another denim shirt. The clogs are a good mid-height. I can NOT seem to bring myself to wear heels very often since lockdown so while my Rachel Comeys from three years ago are still my favorites for dressing up, for every day these are far more comfortable.

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