Don’t Forget About Bathroom Safety During Your Remodel

When you are remodeling your home, it is easy to get carried away with the excitement of planning and shopping, painting and designing, but one thing that you should never forget about is bathroom safety. The bathroom is the second most dangerous room in the home, with the kitchen being the most dangerous. Ever year, hundreds of thousands of people are sent to the hospital with injuries that have occurred in their own bathroom, most of which could have been avoided.

The most obvious place to look for ways to improve bathroom safety is the tub or shower. Standing on a wet, slippery surface is dangerous for the best of us, but when you are dealing with older, disabled, or even younger family members, they are in particular danger. No tub or shower should be without some type of slip-proof surface and also a handle that can be grabbed in case of slipping. Many glass showers do have a handle, but if you grabbed it during a fall, the glass door would come down, too, so make sure there is a sturdy handle of some sort.

The other area where bathroom safety is really an issue is the medicine cabinet. If you have children or teenagers, you need to lock your medications away. They cannot be on open display in a medicine cabinet that is accessible to everyone. For their safety, lock your medications away somewhere where they can’t get them.

The same also goes for cleaning products. Many people like to store their bathroom cleaning products under the bathroom sink. If you live alone, this is fine, but if you have pets or children you can’t do this. Bathroom cleaning products often contain very caustic chemicals that could be fatal if used incorrectly. Make sure that these are all kept out of reach.

Many people are choosing to use more tile in their bathrooms these days, but tiling a bathroom floor, especially outside the shower or tub is a dangerous prospect. Wet feet on tile are a recipe for disaster, and by having carpeting or rugs that are affixed to the floor, everyone in your home will be safer.

Finally, it is a good idea to keep glass items out of the bathroom. With people walking around barefoot, and a lot of tile around, the chance for breakage is very good. Cologne and perfume bottles should not be kept in the bathroom for this reason. Also be very careful of mirrors, razor blades, and any other sharp items that could end up on the floor.

Bathroom safety is an extremely important aspect of your redecorating or remodeling. If you have children or older people in your home, it is vital that you plan for them as well. You don’t want to design a bathroom that is a potential health hazard to anyone in your home. Of course you want a bathroom that is stylish, functional and looks great, but if it is a danger, then things have to change.

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