Choices in Bathroom Vessel Sinks

For a look that is completely out of the ordinary, consider trying a bathroom vessel sink. A vessel sink can give your bathroom the look from the days when a pitcher with a matching basin was considered indoor plumbing. Or it can look like a piece of art from the future.

Get rid of the old boring standard sink and liven up your bathroom with a wash stand that shows off your style. Whether you like stone work or prefer a vessel made of cooper or pewter. They come in all shapes and sizes. Prefect to grace the look you want in your bathroom.

Create the look of a waterfall in your bathroom by getting a waterfall faucet to go with your vessel sink. Your sink can come in any shape you want, round square, pedestal, rectangular or just about and shape you could possibly want.

They also come made out of just about any material you can imagine. Glass is popular or perhaps you would prefer a vessel sink made out of cooper or pewter. You can also find vessel sinks made out of wood, ceramic, steel, or stone.

Put it on top of a vanity or have it free standing on a pedestal. You can have wrought iron stand or a wall mount made of iron. The choices are endless, you can create your own look and turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa. The only limits are the limits to your imagination.

Before the days of indoor plumbing a wash stand was usually in every bedroom. Just a large basin with a pitcher full of water, that hopefully was not ice cold, to wash with. In the homes of quality the wash basins and matching pitcher were fancy often works of art in themselves.

Then came indoor plumbing and people were so thrilled with being able to get hot water running straight into the bathroom that they were not picky about the style of the sink. Usually it was a standard sink set into the counter top of a vanity cupboard.

Now the newness has worn off of having hot running water any time you want it. Now people want style as well. Instead of a plain bathroom, people are realizing that they an have their bathroom turned into a spa. A place to relax and get away from the stress of the world.

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