BSP20 House by Raúl Sánchez


The prerequisites had been to transform this modest building situated in the Borne district of Barcelona, ​​​​from the stop of the 19th century and with 4 floors (but barely 20sqm per floor), into a put where by to be in a position to get the job done and expend shorter stays in their visits to Barcelona, ​​​​although, together these 8 years, the personalized and loved ones circumstance of the shopper has adjusted, to which the project has adapted.

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The unique predicament of the home was in ruins, with pretty ruined floor slabs, weak stairs, and sections of them demolished. Included to this was the require to adapt the constructing to recent laws, which produced it almost not possible from the get started to reuse the interior, continuing to completely demolish the creating, protecting only the facades and dividing walls, and the roof slab (not the stair tower, which was rebuilt).

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The building course of action, slow and intricate, at minimum authorized decisions to be manufactured as the essence of the estate was exposed with the demolitions. Therefore, when all the floors slabs experienced been demolished and the making was noticed as a slender and tall prism shaped by partitions with a totally heterogeneous composition of all kinds of bricks and stones organized without obvious purchase or composition, the strategy of ​​leaving all these partitions exposed grew to become conceptual: these four partitions, in excess of 15m substantial, are a museum of the building’s background, where any trace of its building (arches, lintels, stairs, and beams), and of its use (mortar stays, furnishings, claddings..) will be remaining unaltered, uncovered in all its crudeness. The new floors (3 in complete) will be supported by new beams in between the dividing walls, which will not contact possibly of the two facades: in the direction of the most important facade, a sheet of glass will separate them from it and toward the inside façade, the stairwell will be a 4-story void that unites the whole interior and exhibits the shocking top of these a slender making. As a result, the challenge is described, remaining to outline the takes advantage of of just about every flooring and take care of the technological concerns.

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Accessibility-kitchen area-dining area, living place, bathroom-dressing area, bed room, and terrace type, from base to major, the sequence of use. In any case, with the exception of kitchen home furniture and lavatory products, nothing at all else occupies the floors, so that their works by using can be reversed above time or wanted, as very well as turning the flooring into operating spaces.

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The presence of the installations, by ruling out grooves in the walls or little wells from the commencing, acquire on a particular and relevant job inside of: 7 stainless steel cylinders run the total height of the creating, conducting all the electrical, air flow, plumbing, extraction, sanitation, air conditioning and telecommunications installations within 6 of the cylinders, leaving one particular of them vacant for future wants. These cylinders are not hidden and operate as a result of the making as a result of home furnishings and floors. The rest of the installations are often noticeable, by no means created-in, highlighting the roughness of the masonry partitions on which they are situated, releasing them from new servitudes.

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In conditions of materiality, a certain refinement has been pursued in the new aspects to be carried out, in opposition to the crude expressiveness of the existing partitions, acutely aware that the area must household a household. Thus, the kitchen area is a frosted brass piece of household furniture, shiny and with reflections, with a white marble best the rest room machines is paneled with lacquered wooden in a a little cream shade, with black and brass aspects the ‘headboards’ of the floors are covered in white microcement the hydraulic mosaic, microcement, and oak flooring increase heat and shade to the inside and the lacquered wooden ceilings incorporate registers and grids to ‘design’ these wants.

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The construction is all painted white, in look for of a specified material abstraction, specifically in the improvement of the spiral staircase, which is created as a totally free-standing cylinder that runs the complete height of the creating with no touching its partitions at any time, offering Piranesian sights aided by the heterogeneity of the partitions and the range of factors of watch. On the contrary, all the aspects on the existing partitions are immediate and uncooked: the window frames are designed with direct mortar, the pre-frames are not concealed, and the structural aspects of ties are still left unpolished. Over, on prime of the stairwell, a skylight introduces a attractive gradation of light-weight until finally the lowest strata toward the façade, the glass sheets bounce the lighting concerning floors and introduce at any time-switching reflections, permitting the façade to be admired at its whole peak from the inside, just as it takes place in the void of the staircase.

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The most important façade was rehabilitated adhering to the strict dictates of the heritage section, returning it to an picture of the earlier that it undoubtedly never had. Only at the entrance door have been we totally free to invent a front that reproduces the 3-dimensional structure of the basic hydraulic mosaic (utilized on the ground flooring and a lot liked by the consumer) with an exploded check out of rhombuses and triangles completed with 3 styles of aluminum, which conceals the door (only recognizable by the lock) and abstracts the entrance.

Architects: Raúl Sánchez Location : 105 m² Yr : 2022 Pictures :José Hevia

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