4 Essential Bathroom Safety Products

While many of us consider creating a bathroom that looks lovely, we don’t always give much thought to bathroom safety. The bathroom, however, is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Combine water, electrical outlets, and slippery feet together – and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Add in slippery children full of energy, and you’ve got even more reasons to worry.

These dangers are, of course, preventative with the proper preventative measures. Purchasing four simple bathroom safety products can aid a great deal in your overall safety. Will these items prevent ever bathroom accident? Perhaps not. They will, however, help you to organize your bathroom space and to add a great deal of safety to this location.

1. Grab Bars – Most people assume that grab bars are only necessary in hospitals and old age homes. This misconception can prove deadly. Grab bars are extraordinary helpful in keeping people of all ages safe in the bath or shower. A shower grab bar ensures that you have something to grab as you enter the slippery shower and something to support you as you exit. Similarly, safety grab bars are perfect in the tub, by the toilet and on the bathroom wall. They create an extra layer of safety in the bathroom and allow for added balance and comfort. In addition, grab bars today are quite lovely in design and are available in a huge range of styles, sizes and finishes.

2. Shower Baskets – Installing a shower basket is one of the easiest ways to prevent slipping in the shower. When the shampoos, soaps, razors and other shower items are on the shower floor, you are much more likely to slip on these items and to trip over them. Placing them high up, in shower baskets, ensures that the soap is not under your feet and that your items are all secure and organized. Shower baskets are easy to install and can be inconspicuously placed in the corner of the shower or below the shower nozzle.

3. Non-Slip Bath Mats – One of the key bathroom safety products is a collection of non-slip bath mats. Every bathtub needs a rubber mat on the bottom of the tub. These mats stick on to the tub surface and provide a non-slip surface for a person to stand or sit. In addition, a non-slip mat should be placed right outside of both the tub and shower, allowing the bather a safe place to put his feet as he exits the shower or bathtub.

4. Bathroom Hooks – Finally, bathroom hooks are in indispensable part of bathroom safety. Bathroom hooks ensure that your towel and robe are placed in a safe location off of the floor. People often trip in the bathroom because they’ve placed their towel or robe on the floor, or they’ve thrown them onto the sink and assumed that the item wouldn’t fall. Installing a few bathroom hooks guarantees that your towels and robes are in an obvious location and that they aren’t left in a place where people can trip over them.

By implementing these four bathroom safety suggestions, you’ll vastly improve your bathroom safety and you’ll add organization to your bathroom space. Accidents are inevitable – but they don’t have to occur in places where answers and safety products are available. Take one hour out of your day to install these bathroom safety products, and then enjoy your time in the tub more!

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