10 Essentials For the 70’s Home Decor Trend


The ’70s trends are influencing fashion, and now homes. Get on board with bold colors, unique shapes and mid-century decor.

The ’70s are ruling trends from fashion to interior design. Think back to your favorite ’70s TV show and what sticks out to you?

The color palette to get started is lots of dark browns, burnt oranges, mustard and even evergreen. Then there is the heavy wood paneling from the walls to the furniture, set off by funky patterns like half circles, checkers and ottoman rugs.

’70s home decor is like the end of the mid-century aesthetic, an in-between of the colorful fluid ’60s and the static ’80s vibes.

10 Browns, Oranges & Mustard Yellow

The classic color palette of the ’70s includes the warmer hues like orange, yellow, green and red, but in their darkest shades like burnt, mustard and burgundy.

The aesthetic leaves a lot of room for mixing colors, it does not stick to the more modern minimalist white, nude and black trend. To create a ’70s vibe, you want to go with darker shades and vibrant colors and mix them with textures like wood and velvet.

9 Colorful Rounded Kitchen Tiles

In any ’70s inspired kitchen, you will see the borderline psychedelic colorful tiles either in yellow, green or orange. These are the perfect indicator of the aesthetic you are trying to create in your home, and they stand alone in setting the tone.

The ’70s kitchen relies more on these patterns, accompanied by more monochromatic colors like a green matching floor or all yellow cupboards as opposed to specific home decor.


8 Dark, Wooden Coffee Table

An essential piece for the ’70s style living room is a big, dark wood coffee table. You can go for a longer and thinner table, with thin legs to match or more of a square and bully table.

Match the color of the wood to the other wooden accents in your home like wood floors, wall paneling or classic wall-length closet cabinets. Another big difference between a modern and ’70s interior design is the ’70s relied on closed storage spaces, as opposed to the trendy open spaces now.

7 Brown Leather Chairs

Next to your mustard yellow velour couch, get a brown leather chair to set the tone of the room. You can get a classic brown leather armchair, or more of the ’70s style geometric chair that is thinner and holds a U’shape for optimal sitting.

Consider an orangy brown leather instead of dark mahogany to offset the wooden accents.

6 Rounded Accents & Furniture

Would it be the ’70s without a round bed with a bed skirt? Beds and bed decor were huge in the ’70s from waterbeds to making the bed a sensual and comfortable place to be.

Lean into this design trend, plus it is a good investment to buy the right bed accessories as you spend one-third of your life there.

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5 Organically Shaped Mirror

Many home-decor aesthetics rely on a certain cool and time-period-specific mirror to set the tone. Parisian home decor calls for a giant gold metal framed mirror, but the ’70s home decor trend calls for a mirror without a frame, but with an interesting shape.

Look for an organically shaped mirror to be a statement piece, or a giant rounded mirror will also suffice when offset with mid-century dark wooden accent tables.

4 Big Ottoman Rugs

Ottoman rugs work great for many interior design aesthetics from Bohemian to mid-century because they come in the perfect color palette to add some warm and burnt colors into the mix alongside dark wood and with a pop of pattern.

As the ’70s aesthetic has a lot of wood, it is good to offset the dark texture with colors, patterns and statement pieces such as an ottoman rug.

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3 Monochromatic Decor

Have you noticed that monochromatic is trending, in general, this year? From the same color eye, cheek and lip makeup to outfit trends, it is all about the same color. That is also true for this home decor aesthetic, but not just in brown, you can have an entire room in the same color green or orange.

Pick a tasteful color before installing orange pattern tiles in your bathroom to match the orange tub, but use this general idea when coordinating colors. Be happy with statement pieces as opposed to blending minimalism.

2 Statement Decor

The ’70s trends are quite opposite of today’s minimalism, without bordering maximalism, it is safe to say that back then making a statement was a good thing in all senses of wor.

From bright-colored walls to a statement rug, art, and colorful couches, don’t be afraid to look away from minimalism if you are leaning into mid-century.

1 Display Your Books & Records

A characteristic of the ’70s and midcentury style is the idea of displaying from art to statement decor and even your belongings such as books, records or prized camera collections.

In the ’70s people were more into collecting, and also displaying it. The good thing is it saves you from storing and encourages honoring the items that are important to you and sparking joy by incorporating them into the interior design.

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