The Best Bathroom Decor for 2022


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Set of toiletries

Set of toiletries

Gone are the days where spotless living and guest rooms were the metric of judging cleanliness and order. A bathroom isn’t the first thing your guests see upon entering your home, but it does leave a lasting impression towards your aesthetic sense as well as general hygiene.

With the rise of swoon-inducing indoor spaces, particularly bathrooms on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, having an immaculate bathroom alone is not enough. It needs to be tastefully decorated with aesthetically pleasing and practical decorative items, hitting the right chords with visitors. Not only that, bathrooms are increasingly becoming a space away from the hustle and bustle where you can relax and indulge in self-reflection. With all this, an elegant and inviting bathroom, ornamented with exquisite and practical items, becomes a necessity.

We know you want nothing but the finest of everything where your home is concerned. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top-rated bathroom decor items in 2022 for your shopping experience.

Top Picks

Dual function: Kuhome Over The Door Hooks

It can be assembled to hang on a door, or it can be disassembled and nailed to a wall

It can be assembled to hang on a door, or it can be disassembled and nailed to a wall

Sometimes stating the obvious and providing practical solutions can be great for decorating spaces like bathrooms, and the KuHome Over The Door Hooks are the perfect expression of that.

Coming in three attractive colors, this steel alloy sandblasted towel hanger is a dual-installation holder for hanging on a door or nailing to a wall. It is an ideal solution for those wanting to avoid drilling or nailing holes into bathroom doors. This towel holder provides function without overly taxing installation.

Key features:

Top-quality: Kas Home Vintage Bath Canvas Wall Art

Made of top quality canvas , stretched with solid wood frame

Made of top quality canvas , stretched with solid wood frame

Plaque signs are a great and hassle-free way of furnishing bathrooms with eye-pleasing elements.

The Kas Home Vintage Bath Canvas Wall Art is a perfect way of adding decor elements to your bathroom. With a subtle wooden appearance, belying its canvas construction, this wall art offers both durability and the rugged appearance of a wooden plaque. It comes in two distinct sizes and colors, chosen based on individual bathroom requirements and sizing. Constructed from top-quality canvas material, coupled with its solid wood frame, this product is both sturdy and well suited to bathrooms, owing to its humidity resistance. The assembly and placement is easy and convenient, allowing you to quickly complement your space as the demand, or urge arises.

Key features:

  • Vintage theme

  • Safe for humid bathrooms

Most durable: Azotita Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set

These jars will a creat depth, texture and beautiful space to home, home decor clearance

These jars will a creat depth, texture and beautiful space to home, home decor clearance

The Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set comes as a set of four, including a soap dispenser, a toothbrush and toothpaste holder as well as two apothecary jars with eight sticker labels and hanging tags.

The Azotita rustic finish set is the perfect choice for adorning your bathroom with practical and appealing accessories. Importantly, these design elements are made with bathroom conditions in mind, namely humidity and water, and will not tarnish or degrade over time. While they are particularly suited for bathrooms, they can be equally useful as decor for the vanity or any other corner of the house.

Key features:

Most versatile: CuffUp Bathroom Decor Box

A good way to make the first-visiting guest laugh happily, thinking that you were cheerful and outgoing, feeling relaxed and getting closer

A good way to make the first-visiting guest laugh happily, thinking that you were cheerful and outgoing, feeling relaxed and getting closer

The CuffUp Bathroom Decor Box has funny captions printed on either side of its rustic wooden finish.

It’s a quirky yet straightforward decor element with the potential to crack up guests stumbling upon the box on a trip to the bathroom. Moreover, it will also effortlessly reflect your sense of humor, offering an air of homey charm.

Its high-quality wooden construction offers durability and, while manufactured to store toilet paper, this delightful box offers a multitude of storage options. It can be utilized in a variety of ways, ideal for the abundance of products and supplies typically found in a bathroom.

Key features:

  • Dent and scratch-resistant

  • Handmade with high-quality wood

  • Fits perfectly on most toilet tanks

Best value: Libwys Bathroom Sign & Plaque Set of 3

Hanging these wooden bathroom on the wall of bathroom to create extra rustic sense for you bathroom

Hanging these wooden bathroom on the wall of bathroom to create extra rustic sense for you bathroom

The set of three signs and plaques is an accessory worth adding to your bathroom, offering subtle style elements as well as decorative appeal.

The package includes three signs reciting common grooming mantras such as: “Brush your teeth,” “Wash your hands,” and “Comb your hair.” The chosen font and lettering offer a particularly strong minimalist design with classic, enduring appeal. It also consists of eight screws and drywall anchors, allowing for easy setup. The saw teeth hangers at the back of the frame likewise assist with hassle-free installation. This product makes a simple and elegant addition to any bathroom.

Key features:

A buying guide to the finest bathroom decor

With so many bathroom decor items and accessories available in the market, making choices can be extremely difficult. We are inundated with conflicting designs and styles and left swimming in options of varying quality and usefulness. So, to minimize the ordeal, we have compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide containing all the relevant information you should know.

Why should you purchase bathroom decor?

Plain white bathroom walls devoid of accessories, apart from essential and practical items, are a thing of the past. Modern bathrooms are decorated with quirky decor items, revitalizing an otherwise dull space. Bathroom decor also acts as a conduit to guests and visitors, reflecting your own particular aesthetic sense.

Life is too short for boring bathrooms, still, designing bathrooms from scratch and including appealing design elements can be costly. Bathroom decor products are a clever and convenient way of beautifying your washrooms without breaking the bank.

You might not fully appreciate the amount of time people spend in a bathroom. Apart from being a distraction-free and private space, it is also the area where several common activities are carried out. Apart from the more obvious tasks, the bathroom is also used for activities like brushing hair and teeth, shaving, applying makeup, changing outfits and more. And, a good set of bathroom decor items can instantly increase the appeal and functionality of a washroom. Moreover, these products help to foster the right mood for the tasks mentioned above, while also improving the practicality of any space.

For all these reasons, it is crucial to invest in good bathroom decor. It instantly enlivens even the most boring bathrooms while simultaneously increasing the utility of the space and facilitating ease of use.

Factors to consider when choosing bathroom decor

The following factors will help establish some parameters for including and excluding decor elements and help you make a confident decision.


The choice of bathroom decor depends on the size of a bathroom. Large, ill-suited bathroom decor objects can give a cluttered appearance and potentially offer more harm than help. Choosing clean and compact decor elements is always a good idea, they give a clear and clutter-free look, particularly in small-sized bathrooms.


Every home has a signature style reflecting the design preferences of the owner. It’s wise to consider the style and color scheme of your existing decor elements when decorating your bathroom. Doing so can add depth and character to your entire house as well as your bathroom by promoting a continuity of design.

Take care to avoid clashing elements, products in sheer contrast with each other can give a cluttered appearance and spoil your efforts.


Style trumps functionality when choosing decor for any other room in the house. However, in the case of bathroom decor, functionality of decor elements is critical. The most appropriate decor accessories are the ones taking great pains to wed design and functionality.


Budget is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when choosing an item, regardless of what it is. Setting up a budget before purchasing bathroom decor helps narrow down the scope of your search, helping with preventing splurging and aiding you in finding appropriate, high-quality products.

Sets vs. individual items

Depending on your choice of bathroom decor, it either comes as a set or as an individual item. While personal preference greatly influences selection, buying sets is always a better idea. Purchasing sets create a more cohesive look, adding a streamlined appeal while also being economical.

Tips for choosing the best bathroom decor

Buying bathroom decor for the first time can be intimidating. We’ve included a few handy tips to assist you with making an informed and confident decision.

  • The environment in the bathrooms is substantially more humid than the rest of the house. Water and humidity are constant in a bathroom environment. Ideally, bathroom decor should be water and humidity-proof in order to withstand the environment.

  • Incorporate decor elements that serve as organizers and storage, increasing their functional value

  • In case of metallic bathroom decor, opt for a finish closely mimicking the finish of the existing tapware to achieve a more put together look

  • Less is more. Use fewer decor elements to achieve the design outcome you want rather than overwhelming the space with too many contrasting elements

  • Make seasonal changes to the decor elements, keeping the space more homey and inviting

  • The item with the highest price tag is not necessarily the finest. Choose decor items that are high-quality and fit your budget

  • Avoid choosing fragile decor elements if children frequently use the bathroom as they can become a hazard

How much does bathroom decor cost?

Bathroom decor is generally considered a low-cost way of improving bathrooms’ visual and functional appeal. Full-blown restorations are a costly and intensive process requiring planning, design, material and labor. Costs can go upwards of several thousand dollars, and can take up to several weeks to complete. Conversely, bathroom decor elements are inexpensive and can be set up almost instantly.

The cost of bathroom decor begins as low as $1 and can go up to several hundred dollars. Generally, decor elements are inexpensive, but specific high-end brands, with expertise in manufacturing bathroom decor, tend to be more expensive.

People also asked

Q: Can you hang wall art, including pictures and canvas, in the bathroom?

A: Yes, hanging wall art in the bathroom is an excellent choice for bathroom decor. However, it is better to choose wall art, including pictures and canvas, suitable for use in humid environments as moisture and steam may cause damage to more generic wall art.

Q: How to hang and mount items on bathroom walls in rental homes?

A: Drilling into bathroom walls in rental homes is not a wise decision, it could lead to a heavy penalty from the landlord. Therefore, it is more advisable to use mount tape and adhesive hooks when hanging and mounting bathroom decor on walls.

Q: What are the foolproof bathroom decor items?

A: A small decorative plant, a set of cute toilet accessories, wall art and plaques are some decor items suitable for all types of bathrooms, no matter how big or small.

Q: How to make a small bathroom appear larger with the help of decor?

A: Use of neutral decor elements and the careful placement of mirrors can significantly boost the perceived space of a small bathroom.

Q: How to decide the color of bathroom decor?

A: The sky’s the limit when picking colors for your bathroom decor. However, ensure there is some degree of cohesion and not too many contrasting colors in decor elements. It gives a room a busy appearance that can be unappealing.


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