The Advantages of Using Channel Drains in Your Bathroom

A channel drain, also known as linear drain or shower trough drain is a type of drain characterized by a long and narrow profile. Usually, channel drains are installed when good water drainage is needed, because trench drain systems have a superior rate of water collection than traditional drainage systems do.

If you ever had to design, build or order a bathroom for your home or for your business, you probably know the importance of a high-quality, properly installed channel drain. The most common type of drainage, one that has been used for decades, is the traditional round drain, usually placed in the middle of the shower pan or of the bathroom. In order to install it, and make sure that it will work as intended, you have to make sure that the entire floor of the shower is sloped towards the drain. But this is not as easy as it sounds at first, because it poses certain technical difficulties. For you as the owner of the bathroom, the difficulty of installing this outdated system instead of a newer linear drain, translates to a lot of money spent on contractors and materials.

On the other side, a linear drain, for example a shower trough drain, doesn’t require a complicated slope to work properly. Because the trench shower drain is placed on one side of the shower pan, you only need to make sure that the shower floor is sloped in one direction. From the construction point of view, this is considerably easier to do than having to carefully calculate the angles of a centrally sloped floor and build it to specifications.

Channel drains also allow more space for creative and elegant design. Because the drain is placed on a side of the pan and is long and narrow, it can be easily integrated with large tile or even slabs design. You are not limited anymore to small tiles or single body shower pans with built-in drainage. You can now experiment with beautiful materials, such as natural stone. This is why, if you decide to make a tub to shower conversion, and want to add more style to the design, you should consider using a quality trench drain system.

A carefully crafted trench shower drain system will also spare you a lot of trouble with the pesky mold. Because shower trough drains remove the water from the floor quickly and efficiently, there will be less humidity to taint the walls of the bathroom and therefore less unsightly mildew. This is not a problem to be ignored, because mold infestations can provoke serious illnesses.

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