Phoenix’s Girl Gang Garage wants more women in automotive trades

Bogi Lateiner and Shawnda Williams run the Girl Gang Garage in Phoenix.

At Girl Gang Garage in the middle of the shop, there is a 1961 Volvo PV544. It is a funky little car with a curvy, cartoonish structure, but it does not search like a great deal of everything right now. It’s stripped down to bare metal in the early stages of a entire restoration.

Jana Warnke is performing on smoothing out the surfaces all-around the passenger side doorway. She has not completed considerably bodywork like this just before, but she’s a former salon owner and nail technician so the submitting instruments she’s making use of experience incredibly acquainted.

“If it wants to be easy, I’ll obtain a way to make that transpire,” Warnke suggests, with a laugh. 

Warnke traveled all the way from the Seattle place for the likelihood to educate in Phoenix’s Female Gang Garage. She’s been heading to university to become an automotive technician, but states this experience has been far more welcoming than other shops she’s worked in.

“There’s a good deal of ability-making that we may possibly just about be intimidated to inquire,” Warnke states. “We can do all individuals items listed here far more conveniently.”

That woman-helpful environment is precisely the issue, says Bogi Lateiner, one particular of the founders of the Female Gang Garage.