Pascale’s Kitchen: Mimouna treats by Yossi Azulay

 Walking into a friend’s backyard for a Mimouna celebration is one of the most exciting moments in the Jewish calendar. You will obtain desk soon after desk of treats designed from honey, flour and almonds, together with minimal bowls of jam and mint leaves, and heaps of vibrant bouquets.

At standard Mimouna celebrations, you will frequently discover a large bowl of flour with 5 gold coins put on leading alongside five green fava beans and 5 dates. Dipping your gold jewelry inside of the flour is supposed to deliver superior luck for fertile land and economic abundance.

The most well-acknowledged specialty found at Mimouna are muflettas, which are slim and crepe-like, and are normally eaten with butter and honey distribute on them. It is customary to go away your doorway open when web hosting a celebration so all your attendees will sense welcome to enter.Discover a lot more about Pascale’s Kitchen area here>>
This year, I was invited to singer Yossi Azulay’s residence in Moshav Shilat to observe as he prepared muflettas and marzipan cookies. Proper as I entered his residence I could see it was divided into two wings representing his two enjoys: tunes and baking. He experienced all sorts of kitchen area utensils, together with rugs and tablecloths he’d imported from Morocco, such as a wonderful established of tea eyeglasses and copper trays. His kitchen was of training course outfitted with the most complex and qualified-looking tools, and I could odor vanilla, almonds and rosewater in the air as I appeared at the tray of dough balls sitting in a tub of oil, waiting around to turn out to be muflettas.

Azulay grew up in Jerusalem around relations who hailed from Morocco, and he put in many hrs through his childhood with his mom, aunt and grandmother as they geared up delicacies from Moroccan delicacies. It was only following he left residence, although, that he recognized how solid his affinity was for these treats. His grandmother would put together the conventional sfinj on Hanukkah, couscous cooked with milk and dates on Purim, and of class muflettas following Passover. When his grandmother passed absent, Azulay was keen to choose possession of her large aluminum couscous bowl so he could proceed with the traditions. He commenced web hosting the spouse and children Mimouna, which grew from yr to calendar year. Along the way, Azulay started investing a lot more time and electricity understanding about his family’s culinary traditions.

In his teenage yrs, Azulay was a member of the Mi’urav Yerushalmi band and served in an IDF tunes troupe, in which he satisfied his spouse, Tali. With each other, they have 3 boys.

Not prolonged soon after he finished his company, he wrote the famous song “Ima,” which he performed with Shlomi Shabat. 

“For several years I would appear home late at night time just after performances, and my favored way to rest was by preparing dishes I remembered from childhood. I commenced hounding my mom and aunts, asking them a million thoughts about how they designed every little thing.”

In 2013, Azulay was picked to take part in MasterChef, and afterward made the decision to enroll in a pastry chef plan at Bishulim Culinary Faculty. He ongoing with his singing job as he attempted out new recipes and methods every single day in his spare time. He even took additional culinary programs in Morocco, France and London.

Azulay is a perfectionist, and it is incredibly critical to him that each individual cookie or pastry came out specifically how he intends. Three a long time back, he produced a website and Facebook and Instagram internet pages ( on which he takes orders for (Mehadrin kosher) Moroccan delicacies for gatherings. He designs to open a boutique shop in Israel and potentially in Morocco, also featuring pastry workshops. Dar Dyali was selected by the Foreign Ministry to show its delicacies on the ministry’s Arabic-language website.

Just as Azulay dove into his Moroccan roots in the culinary entire world, he also started to examine his family’s musical roots in Moroccan traditions. Azulay created an album identified as Tfilot (Prayers) as very well as an album titled Andalous, which focuses on North African Jewish liturgical melodies, including a duet with renowned French singer Enrico Macias.

Like absolutely everyone else, equally his musical and culinary businesses have suffered thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Azulay is getting excellent strides to make a comeback.

Azulay’s look here in this column is one more way to rejoice his large talents, and as I was leaving at the stop of the day, he instructed me with a sparkle in his eye how his aspiration is to 1 day have the possibility to supply the King of Morocco – possibly in Israel or Morocco – a style of his handmade delicacies and serenade him with his Andalusian tunes. 

“If I could, I would open up up a bakery across the road from the king’s palace in Rabat so that he could just wander outside the house and question me for a flavor.”


Makes 40 parts.


1 kg. flour, sifted

3 heaping Tbsp. sugar

1 Tbsp. salt

650 ml. h2o at home temperature

Oil for masking dough

Insert the flour and sugar to the bowl of an electric mixer and combine on medium pace. Steadily add the drinking water while mixing. Mix for 7 minutes at medium speed until dough is combined well. Insert the salt and continue mixing for another 3 minutes on medium pace. Applying wet arms, form the dough into a ball inside of the bowl. Go over the dough with a little bit of oil, then deal with the bowl with plastic wrap and permit it rest for 30-45 minutes.

Pour oil into a baking pan so that it is 1 cm. high. Make 40 balls out of the dough and area them in the oil in the tray. Flatten the balls a little so that they are shaped like very little disks. Include the tray with plastic wrap and enable the dough rest for 45-60 minutes.

Warmth a substantial, flat and thick frying pan upside down on the stove leading in excess of a medium-higher flame (or use an electric powered skillet). Grease your counter top generously and area a person of the dough disks on it. Following, use your greased arms to flatten the disk as a lot as feasible so you can practically see by way of it, but without the need of tearing the dough.

Place the flat disk in the hot frying pan and fry until finally it turns golden brown. In the meantime, although it’s frying, put together the subsequent disk. Then, flip the 1st one to brown on the 2nd facet. Spot the future sheet of dough on major of the cooked mufletta, and start out planning the up coming dough disk. Go on incorporating an additional mufletta to the pan and flipping all the levels together until eventually you have a pile of 15 or 20 sheets. Each individual time, flip around all the levels collectively. Area the pile of muflettas on a sheet of foil and shut it up airtight so they can soften for a handful of minutes. Then open up the foil and independent every layer. Brush every mufletta with butter and honey and then roll it up and try to eat.

Level of trouble: Medium

Time: About 3 hours

Status: Pareve

MARZIPAN Jewellery

Lots of Moroccan dishes involve almonds, so not astonishingly marzipan is a incredibly common dessert served at Mimouna celebrations.

Helps make 50 cookies.

1 kg. prepared almond marzipan

500 gr. peanuts that are peeled, roasted and coarsely ground

200 gr. sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

Corn flour for function area


Dried rose petals

Edible sugar lace

Gold powder

Gold candies

Area the peanuts in a food items processor with the sugar and cinnamon. Grind right up until the combination is doughy.

Choose keep of the marzipan and do the job it in your hand right until it softens. Different it into balls that are 150 grams each and every. Coloration every ball utilizing gel foods coloring. Include your function surface with a little bit of corn flour. Roll out just about every marzipan ball into a rectangle that is ½ cm. thick.

Consider a small volume of the peanut combination and roll it into a log with a diameter of 2 cm. Position the log on prime of the marzipan layer and roll it up inside the marzipan. Minimize the log so that every piece is 5 cm. thick and type every single cookie into whatsoever shape you motivation. You can use a unique cookie cutter to form the cookies, then sprinkle with gold sugar or cover with edible lace, rose petals and gold candies. Enable cookies dry for two hrs in the open up air.

Level of issue: Medium to tough

Time: About 1.5 hours

Position: Pareve


Would make 65 cookies.

550 kg. floor almonds

300 gr. sugar

1 packet baking powder

A little bit of almond extract

165 gr. egg yolks

Eco-friendly, purple and yellow foods coloring


Powdered sugar

Almond halves

Blend the ground almonds, sugar and baking powder alongside one another in a bowl. Mix the almond extract with the egg yolks and then include to almond combination. Mix perfectly.

Permit the mixture relaxation for a couple minutes, then separate into 3 equal parts. Shade each a single a independent colour applying a fall or two of foodstuff coloring.

Utilizing damp hands, sort 15 gr. balls. Spot the balls on a flat dish that is lined with powdered sugar. Roll the balls about in the powdered sugar until eventually they are completely covered with sugar. Shake them a minimal so that the surplus sugar falls off, then spot them on a baking sheet with 5 cm. of room between each a single. Spot 50 percent an almond in the heart of just about every cookie.

Bake in an oven that has been preheated to 160°C (not on turbo) for 13-15 minutes until eventually the aroma of almonds wafts as a result of the air. You can also bake the cookies in paper baking cups.

Degree of problem: Effortless to medium

Time: 30 minutes

Position: Pareve

Translated by Hannah Hochner.