Mirror Design Trends | Irregular shaped mirrors and TikTok trends


On the lookout for some suggestions to embellish your wall with mirrors? Be encouraged by the hottest mirror layout development.


Organic and irregular designs influenced by character are replacing extra and additional the common and straight shaped we have viewed for numerous decades in interiors & style.

We described in this post why curved household furniture turned on pattern currently – the explanation is fairly uncomplicated: curves are playful and enjoyment. However, they mirror our motivation for a soft, cosy and also delighted dwelling, soon after these two difficult several years.

The pattern to enjoyment and curved structure is clear also in numerous other issues, consider for case in point mirrors. In reality, the newest mirror design development is about mirrors with peculiar and irregular designs. Highly attractive, these form of mirrors can be used by yourself, or also in teams.

What do you believe? Like them?

Right here some inspirations for you.

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Mirror Layout Tendencies

Irregular shaped mirrors


Nearby cafe by Artem Rechitsky

Pond mirror by Ferm Dwelling

Zara Home

Mim Style

Harley Graham Architects

Mitch Studio hairdresser by Danielle Brustman


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