Is Your Kid’s Room Ready? Quick Guide to Kids’ Furniture!

Planning your child’s name? Nursery plans for your sweet child should strike your mind much before you name it! Kid’s rooms are very important. A problem often faced by parents while decorating their kid’s room is the speed at which they grow. Just when you are all-set for one stage, your kid matures and moves to the next one, developing different tastes and needs.

Age group can very well make the design principles vary. Here are some décor ideas the different age slots according to which one should make decisions regarding your kid’s room décor.

Newborns (Up to 2 years of age):

A new born never fights for furniture. So obviously you don’t need to have much of it in his or her room. You should feel the urge to make a fairy land out of the room, where your kid can enjoy complete freedom.

• The mother should have enough space for herself as she is going to spend long hours in that room. It should include a reading space, an easy chair and an open shelf to house necessaries like diapers, lotions and milk bottles. This should be at a comfortable height for the mother, preferably 30 to 36 inches.

• The more colourful the room, the more attractive it will be for the kid. Pastels are the best option as they can soothe newborns.

Toddlers (3 to 8 years of age):

By the time they are three years old, kids develop a perceivable personality.

• The little angels definitely deserve a dresser at this age. They’ll love it.

• A table and chair suitable for their height will create initiate a little interest for education.

• A blackboard will help to speed-up their learning process. You can also add a soft board for them to post their art and craft work.

• Being a little curious about his or her look, your kid needs a mirror too.

• There should be enough toys like play mat, basketball ring or a rug to play with, kept in a proper storage accessible to the kid.

Adolescents (9 to 14 years of age):

Knowing exactly what they want quite adamantly, it’s no longer like you are preparing the room for him or her.

• Demanding a certain level of privacy, the kid wouldn’t like to share the room with younger siblings.

• They will have their own choice of colours now.

• You will also need to keep wallpapers, music system and telephone lines I their room.

Your kid’s requirements will change with time. You should be ready to switch to a new décor for your kid’s room. For best buy, check out and avail the best deal ever!

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