Interior Designer Shares Best Target Home Decor for April

Upgrade your space with this border-striped cotton throw blanket.

target blanket

The blanket is cotton with a backing to make it cozier.


If you’re looking to update your space with very little effort, consider adding a new throw blanket to it like this border-striped cotton one.

“Don’t underestimate the power of a good throw,” Berk told Insider. “It can add that extra layer of texture that will instantly warm up a room.”

This throw blanket is available in several colors to go with a variety of color palettes: neutral, bronze, and blue. It’s 100% cotton fabric, and measures 60 inches by 50 inches.

Keep your home clutter-free with a cane-pattern open-weave basket.

weave basket

The basket can be used to hold toys, blankets, and more.


Keeping clutter at bay isn’t the easiest task, but this cane-pattern open-weave basket makes it much more stylish and doable.

“Whether you’re corralling clutter or using them as a decorative element in a room, I love the woven texture and warmth that these can bring into your space,” Berk told Insider. 

This basket measures roughly 12 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches.

Berk said a plant is essential, and this faux one from Target is perfect.

faux plant

The planter is cement.


“I always use plants in every room. They bring in a much-needed organic element to every space and are also proven to help boost your mood,” Berk told Insider. 

To incorporate plants in your own home, he recommended this faux Indian tree spruce plant. This plant is housed in a sleek cement pot.

“The best thing about this one is that you don’t have to have a green thumb to take care of it — it’s faux,” he added. 

These marble bookends are functional works of art.


These can add flair to your bookshelf or mantel.


If you want a stylish accent piece that also serves a function, these marble black bookends are a great pick, according to Berk. 

“I have already added a few pairs of these to my cart,” he said. “Not only do they work as bookends but they make for a sculptural piece as well that can be used anywhere in the house.” 

These sculptures are made of solid marble, and every bookend is unique as the marble veining varies from piece to piece. 

Mix up your space with this marled stripe throw pillow.


The pillow is 20 inches by 20 inches.


To simply and effectively mix up your space, update your throw pillows with picks like this marled stripe one, Berk said. 

“I love the tonal simplicity of this pillow,” he told Insider. “The variation of stripes allows you to mix it into just about any space.”

This pillow measures 20 inches by 20 inches and is 100% cotton with a 100% polyester fill.

Keep the bugs away this summer in style with this citronella candle.

citronella candle

The bowl can be repurposed.


This large citronella candle is just what you need to keep the bugs away this summer, Berk said. 

The three-wick citronella candle also has a ceramic clay bowl that can be repurposed.

“And after you burn through the candle, you can put it in the freezer overnight and the remaining wax will pop right out and you can reuse the bowl,” he explained.

Add warmth and texture to your bedroom with this embroidered chambray quilt.

target quilt

The quilt is quite neutral.


For a subtle update that will add a little more warmth to your bedroom, consider an embroidered chambray quilt.

“Rather than a lot of color in a bedroom, I like to layer on textures in a neutral palette which creates warmth while still keeping it a calming space,” Berk told Insider. 

This quilt is available in several color varieties including dark gray, white/blue, and tan. 

To create more space in a room, consider this over-the-mantel mirror.

target mirror

It comes in black or gold.


“If you have a small space, add a mirror,” Berk told Insider. “Not only does it help the space feel larger with its reflection, but it also bounces the light around the room.”

This 36-inch-by-24-inch mirror is a great option that features an arch-like design and metal frame.

“This would work great above a mantel, over a dresser, or even in a bathroom,” he added.