Drones Are Great Tools But Aren't A Replacement For Onsite Roof Inspections

Drones Are Great Tools But Aren’t A Replacement For Onsite Roof Inspections

Technological know-how has it is place in small business and the roofing business is not any unique. It is how you use that technological know-how to do your task that issues.

Today’s systems, like using drones and satellite imagery to examine a roof, are valuable and admittedly truly amazing, but we are nowhere around Star Trek concentrations of know-how where by merely scanning a household with our great-wanting tech will convey to us all we require to know. Not nevertheless in any case.

The Coronovirus pandemic brought some of these technologies to the forefront, and they are without a doubt fantastic and pretty useful, but we’ve noticed extra than a couple corporations misrepresenting how they are employed. From working with Coronovirus security steps as an excuse to not inspecting your roof in-human being, to even boasting drones are excellent to in-person inspections, these companies are accomplishing their customers a disservice by telling them items that are merely not true.

Of program protection measures are significant but you really don’t will need to forgo a proper in-particular person roof inspection to be safe, as we have confirmed above the total system of the pandemic. Adequately doing an in-human being, on-web-site, roof inspection necessitates incredibly handful of supplemental measures to defend owners and our personnel without having reducing corners.

It’s Not Achievable To Perform A Suitable Roof Inspection With out Physically Getting On The Roof

We at Atlanta Roofing Experts see the value in using new technologies, like drones, to guide with doing a roof inspection in some circumstances, but making use of it as a alternative to doing a extensive, bodily stroll on the roof and as a result of attic locations? No, no, no…not anytime soon anyway.

The reality is drone know-how and even satellite imagery (which we use to help us as very well) are amazing equipment when executing a roof inspection but the data is restricted at greatest. Whilst a photograph or satellite graphic can give us the resources to assemble factors like measurements and deciding primary structural data it tells us pretty minor about current and opportunity troubles. In truth, they vary very minimal from the “old fashioned” photos we have constantly taken and used.

Now, very little replaces the bodily act of getting on a roof, feeling just about every step and staying in a position to get up close and bodily contact suspect areas to identify if challenges are cosmetic and/or potentially disastrous! Anything considerably less and the benefits can demonstrate high-priced, or even fatal, to householders.

If your roof contractor is claiming a drone or satellite images is all they have to have, be suspicious, GET A Second or even a Third feeling if you need to have to. You’d be amazed at how a lot of matters a picture Does not present and trustworthy roof contractors know this.

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Experts inspects each and every roof we see, effectively, onsite, by climbing up on the roofs ourselves, each time. When we do use technology to guide us, it generally compliments the method, it isn’t the system alone. For a correct onsite estimate, get in touch with us currently at (770) 419-2222

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