Couple Finds Hilarious Kittens Locked Themselves in Bathroom


A pair whose toilet door would not open were stunned to come across their new kittens experienced locked by themselves inside of.

The cheeky young cats had someway opened a drawer inside, building it not possible to open up the doorway with the deal with.

Hilariously, pictures taken by owner Julee Balko, by sliding a phone underneath the doorway, display the mischievous pets innocently staring into the digicam.

Kittens lock themselves in bathroom
Julee Balko slid a mobile phone less than the lavatory door to find the mischievous kittens innocently staring into the digital camera. The pair experienced by some means managed to open a drawer inside the area, blocking the door.
Julee Balko, SWNS/Zenger

Balko, from Sammamish, Washington, spelled out: “I am a big animal lover, and whilst we’ve fostered around 30 kittens, these two kittens – Dandelion and Bumble – are ours.

“I told my girls when we moved into our home in Sammamish, they could adopt kittens. So we ended up only two weeks into our new dwelling when this took place, which is why breaking down the door wasn’t so pleasing to me.

“When you initial get kittens, it is really advised you place them into a harmless house like a rest room where by they can litter-practice speedier and get acclimated. We also have a massive rescue doggy, so we needed to introduce the animals to just about every other slowly but surely.

“I considered we did a good job of kitten-proofing the toilet right until just one day I went to open up it and could not.

“My spouse, James Alvarez, experienced the vibrant plan to place the cell phone below the doorway to attempt to determine out what was blocking it.

“When we noticed the drawer and kitten on the lookout directly at us – we burst out laughing.

Kittens lock themselves in bathroom
Julee Balko slid a phone beneath the bathroom door to discover the mischievous kittens innocently staring into the camera. The pair experienced somehow managed to open up a drawer inside of the space, blocking the doorway.
Julee Balko, SWNS/Zenger

“We tried out sliding diverse points below the door to shut the drawer, and the kittens thought it was so fun to bat whatever we set beneath.

“Sticks, extended pliers, hangers, essentially any thin item from all over our residence that my young ones and I could discover that would suit in the crack of the doorway or underneath.

Julee Balko with Dandelion and Bumble
Julee Balko, from Sammamish, Washington, explained: “I’m a massive animal lover, and although we have fostered over 30 kittens, these two kittens – Dandelion and Bumble – are ours.”
Julee Balko, SWNS/Zenger

“The hinges had been inside of the doorway, so we couldn’t accessibility them from the outside, so we could not take the doorway off. The screws for the door lock were being also inside of, so we could not take that off possibly.

“Each so usually, I’d stick my telephone less than to see if we have been producing development. And every time, we might see something hilarious.

“It took us about an hour to get the drawer closed and absolutely free the kittens.

“My partner and I would acquire turns striving to close the drawer, and I’d get bored waiting around for my turn – so I decided to tweet about it. The relaxation is history.

“The other cat eventually acquired out of the drawer, and then my husband obtained it closed just proper with a wire hanger that we experienced made skinnier, set underneath the door, and sort of slapped it closed.

“It is really been awesome how a lot of great tales of crazy cat and puppy antics have been shared.

“Our cupboards are now taped shut. Also, indeed, as quite a few folks pointed out, it’s a horrible toilet style and design.

Balko, an creator and freelance writer, not long ago released her first novel, The Points We Retain, but this quirky incident may have encouraged potential work.

“My subsequent e-book basically has a foster pet in it, but maybe right after all this, my 3rd guide will have a kitten.”

This story was delivered to Newsweek by Zenger Information.


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