Christmas Décor Ideas For Your Iron Doors in Pittsburgh

Christmas is just around the corner. That means pulling out your old decoration items from the attic and decorating your Christmas tree. But why stop at that? Get into the holiday spirit this year by decorating your front wrought iron doors with pretty Christmas lights, a classic wreath, or perhaps you prefer to go all-out and decorate your entire driveway. Whatever you like, if you’re running low on ideas, we’ve got some for you. Check them out. 

Map Out The Design

First thing’s first, you need to have a theme ready before you start decorating. This means finding out how you’re going to decorate your house. Are you going to put up lights, pine trees, Christmas props, or a mixture of them all? Once you figure that out, you can start decorating.

Christmas Lights

Fairy lights are the most common (and most fun) décor people put up on Christmas. These lights are easy to put up and are beautiful to look at. You can opt for white lights or Christmas-colored ones. The best thing is you can arrange these lights however you want. You can wrap them around the iron bars or outline your door with them. Not only are these lights cheap, but they only need a few AA batteries to work. Making them a cost-effective option. If you have plants beside your door. You can put up lights on them as well.

A Classic Wreath 

What’s Christmas without a wreath? Wreaths are the classic Christmas décor. No matter what kind of decorations you put up, a wreath is a must. All you have to decide is what kind of wreath you’re going to hang on your front door. These days wreaths made out of leaves and twigs aren’t the only ones you can hang. You can get ones made out of Christmas ornaments, candy canes, or string lights. You could even make one yourself!

A Nut Cracker Theme

Sticking to a themed decoration is a good way to stand out in your neighborhood. But picking one out can be confusing. But you can’t go wrong with the traditional nutcracker theme. You could put up little nutcracker figurines on your windows or hand them on your wreath. You could also put-up cardboard cut-outs on your front porch or stick one on your front door to make it more festive. 

The Snowy Theme

If you live somewhere where it snows, you can put up string lights outside your front door and cover them with snow to create colorful snow. Consequently, if you live in a no-snow region, you can create a winter Christmas theme with fake snow. You could use craft supplies or cotton to make fake snow and place it on your door or around your front porch. You can even make a snow-themed wreath to hang on your door. 

Mini Christmas Trees

To truly get into the holiday spirit, you need to have a Christmas tree inside your house. But what about the outside? Here’s a thought, pick up fake pine trees from the craft store, put Christmas ornaments on them, and place them outside your door. You could add string lights or fake snow on them as well. Another thing you could do is make a wreath from tiny plastic pine trees and hang that as well.

Red, Green, And White Props

Love Christmas, but don’t have the time or budget to get themed décor? Don’t worry. You can put up ornaments, lights, and other pieces of décor as long as they match the Christmas colors. You could hang tinsel strings on your door or wrap them around your stairs. Hang a red sock instead of a wreath, and paste cut-out snowflakes on your door. 

The Gingerbread Man Theme

We all make gingerbread houses for Christmas, but what about using them as outdoor Christmas decorations? For starters, you can get plastic gingerbread ornaments from the store and hang them on your door, stairs, or doorway. Or you can place cardboard cut-outs of the gingerbread man and place them around your front porch or front yard. Or tick smaller ones on your door.

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About the Author 

The author is an event decorator by profession and has worked in the industry for over a decade. She works on various events, including weddings, birthdays, theme parties, and Christmas parties. She has also worked on publicity campaigns with Pinky’s Iron Doors. Currently, she’s working on learning about contemporary designs and setting up her own event management agency in Pennsylvania.