A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Intercom System

Whether it is an office building or a residential one, it is crucial to keep a track of who is coming in and going out. It helps to maintain a safe environment. One of the best ways to keep track is by installing an intercom system. Whenever there is a visitor, you will immediately find out. There are multiple Residential and commercial intercom systems you can choose from. Some of them are as follows.

Mircom TX3 4U Surface Mounted Series

It is a Slim Line Telephone Access System that has been designed to provide the primary resident and visitor with access control. It provides a control for small condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings. You can choose from the various models that are available for up to 20,000 users. This type of intercom system is a great choice when there is limited space or there is a separate directory for applications. The intercom has been made out of a heavy gauge stainless tell. It can be easily used for the lobby and outdoors. It supports semi-flush or pedestal mount applications. TX3 has a Universal Series enclosure. This means that it comes with a built-in rain hood, microphone and tamper-resistant speaker. You can also get a postal lock or a colour camera. It can be programmed with a built-in keypad or with the help of a computer with optional TX3 configuration software.

Microm TX3 8C Flush Mounted Series

This intercom system has a slim design which makes it a great choice when there is limited space and there is a separate directory. It has been made using heavy gauge stainless steel. Hence, can be installed in a lobby or outdoors. This type of intercom system makes use of hands-free, full-duplex telephone communication between the residents and visitors who want access to the building. The 8C flush system can support an AutoDialer (ADC) system that uses a dedicated phone line. It can dial a pre-programmed number when the unique directory code is used. It also uses the No Phone Bill (NSL) system that doesn’t use the phone line system.

Microm TX3 8U Surface Mounted Series

TX3 Slim Line makes use of the Telephone Acess System. It provides the primary residence with access control. This intercom system can be installed in small condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings and gated communities. Whether there are 200 or 2000 residents, you can choose the model which would be best suited for your needs. It has a slim design which makes it easy to install when there is limited space. The system has been made using heavy gauge stainless steel. If looking to install a system in the lobby or outdoors, this would be an ideal choice. It is easy to program the system. To program it, you can use the built-in keypad or a computer with the help of the optional TX3 configuration software. You can also configure the system remotely.