Behind The Scenes At The NGV’s Epic New Picasso Exhibition


The NGV’s Wintertime Masterpieces exhibition ‘The Picasso Century’ is the definition of a blockbuster, and it’s open now!

Developed exclusively for the NGV in conjunction with the Centre Pompidou and the Musée National Picasso-Paris, the clearly show consists of 70 items by the iconic painter and 100 from more than 60 of his contemporaries. 

By staging Picasso’s personal masterpieces beside works from his friends this sort of as Matisse, Dali and Gertrude Stein, the exhibition reimagines the iconic artist’s creative context, social milieu and historical surroundings. 

Specified this huge scale, the exhibition spans the gallery’s overall floor floor. It’s damaged down into 15 sections, each and every a single symbolizing a distinctive interval in the artist’s lifetime and his corresponding inventive oeuvre from his early Cubist yrs to his famous blue interval.

Every NGV exhibition is introduced to daily life applying paint colour by Dulux. For this show, exhibition designer Allie Mactier utilised color to give viewers a clue about what was occurring around Picasso at the time. From subtle ‘Milton Moon’ and ‘Malay Grey’, to revolutionary (and pretty much shocking!) ‘Hot Lips’ red to depict Picasso’s involvement with the Communist Party for the duration of the Next World War, the colours all over the paintings recreate the psychological and political mood in which they were being designed.

Not only do these big colors replicate the powerful drama of certain historical periods Picasso lived and labored by way of, they reinforce the really radical mother nature of his operate.

‘The Picasso Century’ is open now at the NGV until eventually October 9, 2022.

Video produced by Matt Harding.


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