Accessorising Your Home

Whenever we hear the word accessorise, we usually think of clothes fashion accessories, but it’s also a word that is very much associated with furnishing your home and interior design. There are many ways to make your home look stylish and welcoming by choosing the right accessories for your house. Here are a few tips for giving your lounge and bedroom an instant lift:


If you are buying furniture for your lounge, remember that size does matter. It is best not to purchase furniture that is too large and not in scale with the room, so decide which should be your largest piece first, followed by the smaller items. Pictures and photographs look fabulous in groups and create a wonderful effect if hung at eye level when either sitting or standing. Hang a large mirror opposite something beautiful, for example opposite a window with a lovely view.

Colour co-ordinated throws, cushions and rugs can add a cosy feel to a lounge and can be an inexpensive way to instantly liven up the room. Fresh flowers always brighten up a room and are a beautiful focal point, as are carefully selected house plants. Pay attention to the items that you have on display and try to create some symmetry. If you have a bare surface, try displaying a single stack of books with an interesting object on top for a great effect.


Patterns always work well in bedrooms. Patterned bed linen always gives an instant lift and it is an easy way to accessorise a bedroom. If you have enough space, invest in a chaise lounge to give your bedroom that chic look.

Keep your dressing table and other surfaces clutter-free for a more relaxed feel to your room, so try not to keep your toiletries on display, but in a cupboard or drawer. Patterned tie backs on plain curtains can give a window area an instant lift and really finishes off the look of opened curtains. There are some fantastic unusual tie backs available, so shop around for the perfect curtain accessory to create a really unusual focal point in your bedroom.

Try not to over accessorise your home with too many items, but if you have lots of items that you want to display, try rotating them from time to time as a change around will keep a room interesting. Fill empty spaces with an unusual focal point and remember that those finishing touches and small details are very important. When accessorising any room in your home, always choose accessories that you love and which reflect your character. Your home may look beautiful, but it is those personal touches that really make it your home.

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