40 Expensive-Looking Home Upgrades That Are Surprisingly Under $30 On Amazon

Every 10 seconds, a new person considers buying an expensive piece of decor or furniture that they could easily find on Amazon. I’m kidding, but it is true that the online retailer has just about everything you could ever need for your home and often for less than what you find on other websites. They have everything from home necessities to storage solutions to fun accessories that make life a little better. So whether you’re looking to outfit your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or backyard, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and save a lot in the process.

On this list you’ll find 40 items whose quality and appearance defy their price tag. Sometimes, the quality on Amazon can be hit or miss, but don’t worry: We’ve combed through each and every one of these products to make sure they’re up to snuff and worthy of spending your hard-earned money on. And every single one of them is less than $30, so your budget will thank you as much as your home will. If your boho sensibilities have you searching for fresh decor, try this macrame wall hanging to spruce up your walls. Or if you’re more invested in your lighting situation, then you’ll definitely want these classic dimmable indoor wall scones. It sounds too good to be true, but there’s really something for everyone on this list. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end for some wallet-friendly home upgrades that will add flair to your space and make your life that much better.


These Luxurious Towels Will Last For Years

Your hands do a lot for you – they deserve the best. These hotel-quality Egyptian cotton hand towels are soft, durable, and absorbent, and will look amazing in your bathroom. Available in 13 colors, they’re slightly larger than average hand towels and quick drying. A set of six for less than $30 is an absolute steal for an item that will last for years.


This Macrame Wall Decor Perfect For A Boho Home

This macrame wall hanging has a special place in my heart for its elegant craftsmanship and boho look. Use it to spruce up a plain wall with texture and visual interest (hint: It looks great next to your houseplants). Made of 100% cotton, it measures about 14 inches wide by 33 inches long with a 16-inch wooden dowel.


A High Pressure Shower Head You’ll Wish You’d Installed Sooner

If your daily shower just isn’t hitting the way it should, try upgrading to this high-pressure shower head. The wide angle of spray and easy-to-clean nozzles mean you’ll never go back. You don’t even need a plumber to install: It connects to any standard shower arm within five minutes, no tools required. Plus, you might even save money on your water bill with its built-in maximum outflow of 1.8 gallons per minute.


This Versatile Bathtub Tray Is The Ultimate Relaxing Accessory

Enjoy a relaxing evening in the tub, complete with a beverage, your favorite show, or maybe even a snack – all balanced neatly on this bamboo bathtub tray. With sturdy, waterproof materials and extendable handles, it’s made to last on any bathtub setup. There’s a built-in slot for a book or tablet with an adjustable propping bar, a wine glass holder, phone holder, and space for a candle or bar of soap. Give it as a gift for the bath aficionado in your life or use it yourself for an at-home spa night.


These Simple Throw Pillow Covers Are Sure To Match Your Decor

You can never have enough throw pillows, but if you’re not digging the design, try these decorative linen throw pillow covers. One purchase gets you two covers (no insert included), which come in a variety of sleek monochromatic shades. They have an invisible zipper closure, and there are a range of sizes for different throw pillows. Best of all, they’re machine-washable for easy care and cleaning.


An Eco-Friendly Bath Mat That Looks & Feels Way Better Than Fabric

By the time you’re done reading, your entire bathroom will be outfitted in bamboo accessories galore. Don’t forget about a bamboo bath mat, which is much sturdier, sleeker, and less slippery. With non-slip feet, waterproof coating, and slatted surface for optimal drainage, this is a serious upgrade from your average bath mat. Bamboo is more sustainable than other types of wood, so this is a purchase you can really feel good about.


This Simple, Cozy Throw Blanket For The Couch Or Bed

There’s nothing like cozying up on the couch with a good book and your cozy blanket, and this throw blanket will quickly become your go-to. Made of silky acrylic fabric, this lightweight blanket has geometric detailing throughout and fringe edges. Choose from 25 solid shades to match or complement your sofa or bed, and soon enough you’ll be snuggling up underneath it.


A Set Of Super Fluffy Pillows You’ll Love Falling Asleep On

Nothing makes a difference in your quality of sleep quite like new pillows. No matter what position you prefer to sleep in, you’ll love these cloud-like pillows stuffed to the brim with plush fiber filling. They’re standard size pillows that you can pop in the washing machine as needed to refresh and clean. The breathable cover and no-shift construction is the cherry on top, so you won’t want to sleep without these pillows.


A Set Of Storage Bins You Can Use For Almost Anything

These versatile storage bins will become a household essential: Use them for corralling anything, like clothes, linens, holiday decor, toys, games, craft supplies, and more. They measure 14.9 by 10.2 inches, with a 9-inch depth to store lots of items. These bins look so good you won’t mind leaving them out on display, and they fold up neatly for optimal storage when not in use. Plus, the waterproof fabric keeps grime away from the contents of the bins and is easy to spot clean with a damp cloth.


These High-Quality Bath Towels Are Perfect For The Beach Or The Shower

You’ll feel like you’re on vacation when you’re using these fringed Turkish bath towels. Made from high quality, absorbent cotton, these quick-drying towels feel just as good on the beach as they do in your bathroom. Available in a multitude of colors with such an affordable price tag, you won’t mind buying one for everyone in your household.


These Glass Jars Make Pantry Organization Easier Than Pie

Your pantry will be the subject of neighborly envy with these air-tight glass jars for food organization. Pour up to seven ounces of dry foods inside each of the 10 jars. Think candy, nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, or rice; then, use your best handwriting to label them with the included chalkboard labels. Your food will stay sealed and fresh in your pantry, and you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re working with. If you have extras left over, repurpose them on your bathroom counter for cotton swabs, hair ties, or other small items.


A Soy Candle That Smells Absolutely Delightful

Who wouldn’t want their home to smell like rich cedar wood and eucalyptus? This soy wax candle is good enough to gift or keep for yourself. Choose from an 8- or 12-ounce option to keep the flame a’burning just a little bit longer, and enjoy your moment of peace and calm.


This Stylish Wall Sconce Will Set The Mood In Your Home

This energy-saving wall sconce is a chic addition to your lighting landscape. It casts a soft, warm glow, and is even dimmable. It just takes two LED bulbs to set up, but the kit includes everything else you’ll need for installation. Reviewers report that it can be a little tricky to install, so you may want to recruit your handiest friend for assistance. The modern look is totally worth it.


These Sleek Cabinet Pulls Look Great & Are So Easy To Install

Maybe you’ve recently moved into a new home and found that the hardware isn’t quite your style. These matte black stainless steel pulls are simple, modern, and go with practically anything (they also come in gold and silver shades if you’re looking for something a little showier.) It’s easy to replace your existing pulls with them, and the pack comes with 30 so you can match every single cabinet and drawer.


A Luxurious Faux Fur Rug That Adds Elegance & Warmth

Who wouldn’t want to rest their feet on this cozy faux sheepskin fur rug first thing in the morning? I love how plush and inviting this rug is, and it would look great next to your bed or your favorite chair. At just 2 by 3 feet, it fits easily in small spaces or as an accent in a larger room. It’s so soft though, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to resist lying down on it.


A Three-Piece Set Of Elegant Candleholders For Your Dining Room Table

These matte black candleholders will add personality and class to your dinner table. The set of three come in progressively bigger sizes, ranging from 9.45 to 13.28 inches tall. Each one is suitable for taper-style candles, and they look great together or separately with candles of any color.


These Curtains Block Out Daylight & Give You Privacy

Whether you work the night shift, prefer to sleep in, or just want a little privacy, you can’t go wrong with upgrading to these darkening curtains. They’re thermally-insulated to help you save on your energy bill, and they block out daylight so you can sleep peacefully or watch TV without glare. Choose from 12 solid colors to complement your home and the appropriate size for your windows, and you’ll be fast asleep in no time.


This Wooden Cutting Board You Can Use At Every Dinner Party Ever

The possibilities for this beautiful acacia wood cutting board are practically endless: You can use it to serve a homemade pizza, cake, or pie. Or present a charcuterie spread, serve appetizers, and so much more. It’s 12 inches wide with a handle and string loop so you can hang and display it when not in use. Pick one up for yourself and for your favorite home chef as a housewarming gift — at $20, it’s more than worth it.


A Piece Of Minimalist Artwork To Fill Out Your Decor

I fell for this elegant, minimalist wall decor from the moment I saw it. The 12-by-16 inch print on gallery-quality paper features a line drawing of a woman’s face. This beautiful yet affordable piece also comse in several other abstract designs in similar color palettes. You’ll need to provide your own frame, but at such an affordable price, it’s still worth it.


A Rounded Glass Storage Jar That Looks So Good You’ll Want To Leave It Out

For food storage with a little more personality, try this uniquely-shaped glass jar. Made of ultra-thin, high grade borosilicate glass, this jar features a curved shape and a spherical cork lid. That cork lid provides an airtight seal, making this a suitable container for foods like nuts, dried fruit, herbs, loose leaf teas, and more. It holds up to 27 ounces and looks so good you’ll want to leave it on display.


This Artificial Plant Looks Like The Real Thing But Costs So Much Less

Fiddle leaf figs are one of the most coveted houseplants in the indoor gardening world, especially large ones. The real deal can go for upwards of $200, but you can snag this realistic-looking faux version for $30. You’ll reap the visual rewards of an indoor plant, but you’ll never have to worry about taking care of it or having it outgrow its space. Just unfold the leaves of this 28-inch tall plant when it arrives and wipe them clean with a dry cloth from time to time. You’ll look like a true gardener with no effort.


A Complete Set Of All-White Bedding That Look As Good As They Feel

I’ve always said that you can’t go wrong with an all-white bedspread. These Bedsure sheets are fit for a queen (sized bed) and are made with super soft brushed microfiber fabric. They’re great year-round but really shine in colder months because microfiber helps retain body heat and keeps you cozy at night. The set comes with everything you need: A deep pocket fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two envelope-enclosure pillowcases.


This Gold Cutlery Set Looks Fancier Than Your Standard Silver Flatware

Silver cutlery? Been there, done that. Try this 20-piece set of gold flatware instead, which is surely a chic upgrade from your current set. The dishwasher-safe set includes four each of dinner and salad forks, dinner knives, and soup and dessert spoons. They’re stainless steel with a wear-resistant titanium gold coating, so they’ll last for years to come as an eye-catching element of your kitchen setup.


A Set Of Elegant Serving Bowls You’ll Want To Use Every Day

These multi-functional serving bowls look almost as good as the food you’ll put in them. With an elegant swirled design and high-quality porcelain material, you’ll be plating your pastas, salads, and rice dishes on these serving bowls for years to come. One reviewer wrote “I’m absolutely loving these bowls! They are wide and gorgeous. Perfect for salads or table servings.”


This Peel & Stick Tile Makes For An Easy DIY Project

Achieve the look of subway tile backsplash without the cost and hassle of hiring a contractor. This peel-and-stick tile is easy to install and comes with 10 sheets of 12-by-12-inch self-adhesive tile. There are no grout, tools, or help required: Literally just stick them to any smooth surface, and enjoy your new tile wall.


This Self-Adhesive Marble Paper Is The Answer To Every Renter’s Prayers

It’s the bane of every renter’s existence: What to do with an unsightly wall or countertop when you can’t re-paint or replace it. Luckily, this marble-printed contact paper is the perfect cover-up for walls, counters, tables, or even floors, and it removes easily so you won’t lose your deposit. (Plus it’s way more affordable than the real deal.) It’s self-adhesive, easy to clean, and can be cut to any size and shape. Just make sure that the area you’re looking to cover is smooth and clean.


A Set Of Four Smart Outlets You Can Use To Power Your Entire Home

These smart outlets will change the way you use your house – I can practically guarantee it. Connect them to your smart home device for voice control over your lights, electronics, and more. You can even set timers or countdowns so your lights, air conditioning, fan, etc. turn on and off automatically. Convenient and it’ll conserve energy. Pro tip: Plug your holiday lights or decor into these plugs and put them on a schedule so you’ll never have to worry about them.


A Charger Organizer Box To Keep All Your Cords In Order

Managing charging cords for multiple devices gets messy — fast. Use this cable management box to neatly sort each one and keep them separated. As a bonus, it also keeps them safely hidden from pets and kids. Slip a power strip of 12 inches long or less inside the box, then plug in each of your chargers and thread them through the slots on the sides of the box. Slide the lid back on, and gaze with delight upon your newly-organized charging station.


A Rotating Bamboo Turntable With Multiple Kitchen Uses

I recently saw a young woman on TikTok refer to her family’s rotating turntable as a “hardworking Susan,” because her mother’s name is Susan and she resented being called lazy. Though this bamboo turntable doesn’t require a lot of effort to use, it’s true that it works hard to make life easier. Use it at the dinner table to make spices, sauces, and other common items available to everyone or use it in your pantry to handily sort bottles and jars. It can hold up to 50 pounds and rotates a smooth 360 degrees no matter how many items you place on it.


A Pair Of Marble Salt & Pepper Shakers

If your salt and pepper still reside in the same containers you bought them in, then you’re missing out on these geometric marble salt and pepper shakers. They’ll really spice up your dinner table (get it?) and look good doing it. Simply remove the rubber cap on the bottom to fill each one with salt and pepper, so you can upgrade and leave the store-bought containers behind.


An Area Rug That’s So Cozy, You’ll Want To Lay Down On It

Rest your feet on this ultra-soft area rug that’s perfect for a living room, nursery, or bedroom. The entire thing measures 4 by 5.3 feet and is made of super cozy microfiber. Even active households will find that this rug doesn’t budge due to the non-slip plastic beading that holds it in place. One reviewer wrote: “For [the price] this rug is so soft and luxurious. Makes the room look very rich and is soft to touch.”


This All-Season Comforter Is One Of The Best You Can Find On Amazon

One of Amazon’s highest-rated comforters is this all-season quilted comforter — and for good reason. The machine-washable and reversible comforter is everything you could want: soft, fluffy, good for year-round use, and hypoallergenic. It looks and feels so inviting, we can’t blame you if you end up spending all day in bed. Choose from over 20 colors and patterns and use it alone, or add a duvet cover for extra warmth.


These Satin Pillowcases Are Good For Your Hair & Look Good On Your Bed

This silky set of pillowcases is luxe on your bed and good for your body. The satin material doesn’t absorb moisture the way cotton fabrics do, so your nighttime hair and skin products will actually stay in place. They also create less friction than other pillowcases, protecting your hair from tangles, frizz, and breakage (especially if you rock curls).


The Retro-Inspired Ceiling Light You Can Install Without Help

This vintage-inspired industrial ceiling light is the perfect substitute for an old-school chandelier with bronze hardware and warm lighting. Install in your kitchen, living room, office, or bedroom without the help of an electrician: All you need to do is assemble it, and complete the hard wiring. One happy reviewer wrote “Good fixture for a mid-century home. Color finish [is] not too brassy or too silver.”


These Ceramic Plant Pots Will Look Absolutely Adorable On Your Windowsill

This ceramic planter pot set will make your plants and your home happy. Made with a vintage-style texture, you can choose from white, gray, yellow or blue pots for your plant babies. Each pot has a drainage hole with a rubber plug to help combat root rot and overwatering. They’re perfect for small to medium size houseplants, like pothos, pilea, aloe, and more.


An Electronic Clock That Literally Spells The Time Out For You

Yeah, you could buy a boring digital clock that reads the time in plain numbers or a fancy analog clock that no child can read — or you can buy this electronic word clock that spells out the time for you. It’s not just a clock, but an accent piece for your desk or nightstand that looks more like a crossword puzzle. Note that it tells time in five minute intervals, so it’s more of a conversation piece than a way to tell time accurately.


A Set Of Plastic Storage Bins Perfect For Your Fridge Or Pantry

Use these storage bins to keep your fridge, freezer, or pantry sorted, and your food items in plain sight. A pack of six comes with three different sizes of sturdy plastic bins, which you can use for cans, boxes of food, produce, and more. Two convenient handles on either end make it easy to shuffle the bins around without unloading.


An Affordable Indoor Security Camera With Built-In Motion Detection

Take advantage of this indoor security camera to keep an eye on a sleeping baby, sneaky pets, or your kiddos in the other room. It uses AI to determine when a human or pet is present, and turns on automatically when they enter the room. It’ll give you peace of mind while you’re at home or away and you can check up on it remotely from your Google Assistant or Alexa device.


This Bathrobe Is Comfortable, Durable & Makes You Feel Expensive

You might be in your bathroom at home, but you’ll feel like you’re at the spa with this long, lightweight linen robe. With waffle-knit fabric and two convenient pockets, this unisex robe is as comfortable as it is durable. Wear it when lounging around the house or while getting ready to make your home feel like a luxury spa.

– Available Sizes: Small — 3X-Large

Available Colors: 11


A Set Of Hand-Engraved Vases That Will Make Your Flowers Stand Out

Your floral bouquets could use a little sprucing up: Try these rustic ceramic vases for a little pop of style and texture. The set of two has hand-painted leaf patterning and comes in two different sizes for bouquets of all types. A wide mouth and anti-scratch pads on the bottom are the cherries on top, making them as useful as they are beautiful.