32 Bougie Things That Dramatically Upgrade Your Bathroom For Less Than $25 On Amazon

When you think about it, the bathroom is a high-traffic area. Whether you live alone or with other people — family, a partner, or roommates — it probably gets a lot of use. You’re in there while brushing your teeth, bathing, doing your makeup, brushing your hair, etc. With that being said, it’s always nice to have a functional bathroom that you enjoy spending time in. Thanks to Amazon, there are tons of products that’ll help upgrade your bathroom — and many of them are bougie in the best ways. The items I’ve included on this list are even under $25, so you won’t have to break the bank while turning your washroom into a luxurious destination.

Let’s begin with my personal favorite, the in-tub wine glass holder. If you ask me, nothing says “bougie” like sipping on some merlot while soaking in a bubble bath — and this accessory makes that possible. Other spa-worthy upgrades include this stainless steel shower head with a wide nozzle that dispenses rainstorm-like water, and this sleek shower caddy that’ll hold your bathing essentials in one spot. It’s even rust-proof and easy to install with the included adhesives. Convenient, chic, and affordable? Yes please.

With the help of these products, you’ll have a bathroom fit for royalty (aka you and your guests). Scroll to find the items that’ll upgrade your space while giving it a bougie edge.

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This Velvet-Covered Bath Mat Filled With Plush Memory Foam

There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower and onto this dreamy bath mat that’s lined with soft velvet. It’s filled with plush memory foam that your feet will slowly sink into one step at a time, and it’s backed with a nonslip grip. Not to mention, this mat is available in tons of different colors and is machine washable.


A Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder That Also Dispenses Toothpaste

It’s time to replace that cup of toothbrushes in the corner of your bathroom counter with this unit, which holds four toothbrushes in the air. It also has a built-in toothpaste dispenser, along with two cups and store space for extra toiletries. It’s made of waterproof plastic and can be mounted to the wall with the included adhesive.


These Vanity Lights That’ll Give Your Space Hollywood Vibes

These vanity bulbs will give you some extra lighting in the bathroom (along with some serious Hollywood vibes). They can be stuck onto the glass surface with the built-in adhesive backings, and they can also be dimmed to your liking. They must be plugged in to work, and you can even use them in your closet, desk, kitchen, and more.


A Fancy, Yet Funny Guest Book For Anyone Using The Bathroom

Instead of a pile of magazines, why not set this fancy guest book next to your toilet? It gives you and your family, friends, or roommates something to do while using the bathroom, because each page is filled with funny prompts that can be filled out. Some of those include “time spend gazing in the mirror,” “thoughts during this visit,” and a report card rating the room. There’s even a space for a bathroom doodle; just provide a pen.


This Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner Dispenser That Mounts To The Wall

For a five-star-hotel-worthy shower, this mount is a good choice. It comes with three separated containers that you can fill with shampoo, conditioner, and body body wash, therefore eliminating the need for piles of toiletry bottles in the bathroom. This unit is also easy to mount onto the wall with the included adhesive accessories.


The Glistening Shower Curtain Hooks That Resemble Diamonds

You can quickly spruce up your shower curtain with the help of these glistening shower curtain hooks. The hooks themselves are made with rust-resistant stainless steel that glides easily, and the decorative “diamonds” shine like the real thing. These are clear, but they’re also available in blue, red, purple, and rainbow.


A Sleek Bidet With Adjustable Water Pressure

Not only is this bidet easy to install with no additional tools required, but it also has adjustable water pressure and an adjustable nozzle. Therefore, you can customize the cleaning within seconds. The base of the bidet sits underneath your existing toilet seat, and it’s made of plastic that’s durable.


This Silicone Toilet Brush With Tweezers Built Into The Handle

This toilet brush stands out from the rest, because the bristles are made of flexible silicone that bends to clean hard-to-reach spots. It also comes in a sleek, compact base that won’t take up much room in your bathroom. And as a bonus, there’s a hidden pair of tweezers in the brush handle that can be used to remove debris from the bristles.


The Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Shelf For Your Phone

This toilet paper holder does more than hold your rolls. It also stores them in an open-air, tube-like space — three of them, to be exact — and has a built-in shelf at the top for your phone or bathroom necessities. In other words, you’ll have everything you need close by — including extra toilet paper rolls. And since it’s made with powder-coated steel, it’ll be fine in your bathroom.


This Automatic Soap Dispenser Made With Sleek Stainless Steel

This automatic soap dispenser is a truly bougie addition to your bathroom, because it works like magic. Once the AAA batteries are installed, it’ll sense your hand whenever it’s near the nozzle and dispense soap into your palms. You can adjust the amount of soap that’s dispensed, too — and the entire unit is mounted on a base that’s raised off the countertop.


A Luxurious Pillow That You Can Relax On While Taking Bubble Baths

This two-panel pillow is perfect for anyone who enjoys taking baths. It’s backed with seven strong suction cups that help keep it in place, and the cushions are ventilated to make sure both water and air can flow through without an issue. Not to mention, it’s also machine washable and easy to hang up to try.


These Shower Fizzies That Emit Pleasant Scents Into The Air

These shower fizzies work like bath bombs — but instead of using them in the bath, you can place them on the floor of your shower and let the warm water drizzle over them. When they’re in use, they’ll emit essential oils as they melt, spewing pleasant scents into the air. Although there are 12 in each pack, there are six scents total.


These Faux Potted Plants That’ll Add Some Greenery To The Room

These faux plants will add some greenery to your bathroom — and you won’t have to worry about remembering to water them. One purchase comes with two plastic plants, both of which are potted in chic gray bases. One customer wrote, “These plants are so ideal for small spaces and add color to my bathroom shelf.”


This Essential Oil-Packed Toilet Spray That Helps Conceal Unwanted Odor

The ever-so-famous Poo-Pourri “before-you-go” toilet spray will help conceal unwanted odors in the bathroom. If sprayed into the toilet, well, before you go, it’ll create a transparent layer on top of the water that’ll help prevent those unwanted, yet totally natural scents from hitting the air. It’s also packed with essential oils that make it smell like lavender vanilla.


The Pack Of Matching Cotton Towels That You Can Use Or Display

Whether you need more towels to use or if you simply want to hang some up for decoration, these ones can work. They come in a pack of eight, including two bath towels, four wash clothes, and two hand towels. They’re all made from 100% soft, breathable cotton, and there are 12 colors to choose from. For $24.95, it’s a total bargain. One customer wrote, “We will use them as decorations and bath towels. If you want a nice towel, these are what you are looking for.”


These Sleek Acrylic Vanity Containers For Bathroom Essentials

When you have these acrylic jars on your countertop, you won’t have to pack your bathroom drawer with toiletries. Instead, you can display them inside the clear containers, which each come with a lid that has a decorative sphere handle. Since they’re made of acrylic and not glass, they are durable — and many customers even wrote how they’re “good quality.”


A Stainless Steel Shower Caddy That’s Easy To Mount To Your Wall

Toiletry bottles can take up a lot of space in the shower, but this caddy lifts them off the ground and stores them on the wall. It’s made of stainless steel that won’t rust and is backed with an adhesive that helps keep it in place. Plus, it includes adjustable holders for wash clothes, shaving razors, loofahs, and more.


This High-Quality Waterproof Shower Liner With Over 130,000 Positive Ratings

This PEVA shower curtain liner has well over 130,000 positive ratings, and I’ll tell you why: Not only is it waterproof and designed to wick away water droplets, but it’s also grounded with three magnets that keep it inside the shower. The liner also comes with 12 grommets that are made of metal, yet rust-proof — and it’s available in four different hues.


The Mini Step Trash Can Made With Stainless Steel

Looking for an upgraded trash can? Try this one, which has a built-in pedal that opens and closes the lid. The construction is made with sleek stainless steel, and the inner container comes out when it’s time to change bags. If steel doesn’t work for your bathroom, don’t worry: It’s also available in shades like dark bronze, brass, rose gold, and more.


This Stainless Steel Shower Head That Mimics A Rainstorm

Thanks to this 8-inch-wide shower head, every shower will feel like a warm rainstorm. It’s covered in silicone nozzles that dispense a steady stream of water, and it’s easily adjustable. Not to mention, this fixture is simple to install and comes in two additional finishes including brushed nickel and matte black (the one pictured here is chrome).


These Suction Hooks That Hold Your Razors In Place

These shower hooks are backed by suction cups, giving you a sturdy place to hang your razors up. They’re made of clear plastic and should adhere to your shower wall without an issue, and each one can hold up to 6.6 pounds. Not to mention, they can easily be removed and cleaned whenever needed.


This Linen Laundry Hamper With A Durable Bamboo Shell

This laundry hamper — which is held together by a durable bamboo shell — is lined with linen that’s coated to be waterproof. With that being said, it’s perfect for use in the bathroom. The lid on top helps control any unwanted odor, and it’s available in various colors including gray, black, blue, and white.


A Squeegee That’ll Make Your Glass Shower Glisten

Whether you’ve got a glass shower that needs cleaning or a mirror that could use some shine, this squeegee can help. Its 10-inch blade is made of rubber and can glide across various surfaces with ease, all while leaving no streaks behind. It even comes with mounting accessories that make it simple to store in your bathroom.


This Over-The-Door Storage Rack Designed With Sleek Steel

This over-the-door storage rack has not three — but six — hooks where you can hang bathroom essentials like towels, robes, loofahs, toiletry bags, and more. It’s made with chrome-coated steel that’s both durable and sleek, and it can be installed without the use of tools; just hang it over your door.


A Bamboo Bathtub Caddy For Luxurious Soaks

This bamboo bathtub caddy tray will take your bubble baths to the next level. It isn’t expandable, but it’s meant to fit most tubs — and the angled edges help keep it in place while you’re relaxing. The inner section has edges to keep your things secure (like wine glasses or toiletry containers), and many customers wrote that it’s “well made.”


A Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker For Tunes In Your Shower

Thanks to this Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite tunes in the shower. It’s water resistant and even has a built-in mic that allows you to take calls in between songs. Thanks to the suction cup on the back, it’s easy to adhere to your shower wall — and it’s available in six colors.


This Motion-Activated Toilet Bowl Night Light For A Subtle Glow

You can easily add a pop of color to your bathroom, all thanks to this LED toilet light. It’s motion-activated and will turn on if it senses movement within five feet, giving your toilet bowl a subtle glow in a color of your choice. There are five brightness levels to choose from, but it’ll turn off after two minutes of no motion.


This Drain Protector That Still Lets Water Flow Through

If you ask me (and, well, over 62,000 customers who’ve given it a five-star rating), this drain protector is a must-have while upgrading your bathroom. It sits in your drain to catch stray hair and debris in effort to prevent clogs — but thanks to the holes within the insert, it still allows water to pass through. Genius.


This 3-Tier Bathroom Organizer That’s Easy To Move Around

Whether you’re packing this organizer with makeup, hair products, or other toiletries, you’ll be able to store it easily and then roll it around whenever needed. Not only is it slim enough to fit into tighter spaces in small bathrooms, but it’s also on wheels which makes it easy to transfer from one area to the next.


This Wine Glass Holder That’ll Make Bubble Baths Even More Relaxing

This cup holder is meant to stick onto your shower wall via suction cup and give you a sturdy place to place your wine glass while you relax. (But if you’re in the mood for a beer or seltzer, it can carry those as well.) The plastic accessory comes in six colors, and many customers wrote that it’s a “great gift.”


This Expandable Under-The-Sink Unit That Stores Your Bathroom Must-Haves

This organizer is a must-have for small bathrooms with little storage space. It’s expandable — by both height and width — and fits underneath your sink to create a shelving system for cleaners, toiletries, and more. It’s made of plastic and it shaped so that nothing interferes with your sink’s plumbing system.


This Bath Mat That Customers Say Feels Like A “Loofah”

The surface of this PVC bath mat is meant to feel like a loofah, and many customers agree. One person wrote, “ […] It also has a little bit of a ‘loofah’ feel to it so you can scrub your feet by rubbing them back and forth while you’re washing your hair.” The bottom is made of nonslip material, and the entire mat is available in five colors. The manufacturer suggests hanging it up to dry between uses.