29 Weird Things For Your Bathroom That Are Clever AF On Amazon

The bathroom is a weird place. On any given day, you might be scrubbing mold and mildew one minute and taking a hot, soothing bath the next. To spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning, there are lots of clever bathroom products on Amazon you’ll want to bring home ASAP.

Since we’re talking about the bathroom here, this list covers a wide range of products from self-care to squeegees. However, what sets each of these items apart is that they’re all a little unexpected — like a vacuum that pulls out blackheads or a touchless soap dispenser — but they’re so clever, you’ll wonder why you don’t already own them all. Best of all, most of these genius solutions can be had for $35 or less so you can upgrade your bathroom from shower head to toilet paper holder to skin-care regimen without spending a whole lot.

And since these products are available on Amazon, you know they’ve already been tested and approved by other savvy shoppers. So go ahead and dive into this list of 29 weird things for your bathroom — as their glowing reviews show, they’re weird in the best way and totally worth your time.

Table of Contents


This Faucet Attachment That Leads To Less Spilling When You Wash Your Face

If you’ve ever washed your face only to end up with a puddle of water everywhere, this faucet attachment is for you. Simply attach it to the base of your faucet and you can redirect the water in whichever direction you need, rotating it upward to wash your face or angling it to clean the sink basin.


A Cordless Water Flosser That Deep Cleans Your Gums & Teeth

This cordless water flosser uses high-pressure pulsed water to remove plaque and deep clean your gums and teeth. The waterproof flosser has a detachable water tank that’s easy to fill and clean, a 360-degree rotatable nozzle design, and three water pressure settings: normal, soft, and pulse. Plus, the lithium battery lasts up to 21 days on a single charge.


This Pine Tar Soap That Deodorizes & Moisturizes

It may look weird, but this black bar of pine tar soap leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Made with natural ingredients like pine tar oil and glycerin, the plant-based soap has a fresh pine scent and produces a foamy lather without any harsh chemicals or preservatives.


A Weighted Drain Protector That Fits Flat & Pop-Up Drains

This stainless steel and silicone drain protector, which fits over both flat and pop-up drains, has thousands of fans for keeping drains clear of hair and more. The edges of the weighted drain protector sit flush with the tub to prevent debris and hair from slipping down the drain, and it works without slowing down water drainage.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser With A Touchless Hand Sensor

This touchless automatic soap dispenser gives your bathroom a modern upgrade and helps stop the spread of germs. The water-resistant dispenser works with four AA batteries (not included) and has a simple on-off switch and adjustable dispenser volume control dial. Plus, the dispenser can be mounted on the wall to save counter space.


A Foot Scrubber That Massages & Cleans Your Feet While You Shower

Featuring hundreds of flexible bristles, this foot massager and scrubber relieves achy feet while getting toes and feet clean at the same time. This gadget is lined with nonslip rubber suction cups to keep it in place while you shower to soothe your tired toes.


An Affordable Derma Roller That Gets Your Skin Glowing

This fan-favorite micro-needle derma roller with a 4.5-star rating uses firm yet gentle pressure to help your skin absorb serums and lotions better without pain. When used once a week followed by your favorite serum, the derma roller can leave you with glowing skin for way less than the cost of professional microdermabrasion sessions.


This Odor-Eliminating Plug That Lasts For 3 Months

For lingering bathroom smells, this odor-eliminating plug is an easy way to freshen up your space without any attention. Odors filter through the device and it sends fresh air back into your space. It also lasts for three months before you have to replace it, and the filter light at the top clearly displays when you need to replace it.


A Silicone Sleeve That Stores Hot Hair Styling Tools Safely

Safely store hot styling tools in this heat-resistant silicone hair iron sleeve. It can handle temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can slip hair curlers and flat irons in while they cool off. Hang the sleeve on a towel rack with the convenient rear hook, and keep cords tidy with the two side hooks.


This Toenail Repair Pen That Tackles Fungus & Restores Brittle Nails

This set of two easy-to-use toenail and nail repair pens strengthens and restores discolored, brittle nails. Using the pre-filled applicator pens, brush the powerful solution onto clean nails at least once a day for healthy, fungus-free nails in a just few weeks. With a 4.6-star rating after more than 3,000 reviews, customers say it works.


A Mirror That Stays Fog-Free During Steamy Showers

See what you’re doing in even the streamiest bathroom thanks to this fogless shower mirror. The easy-to-install mirror has a strong suction cup that sticks on almost any flat surface, as well as a 360-degree swivel and convenient razor hook.


These Cult-Favorite Exfoliating Washcloths That Leave Your Skin Super Smooth

These cult-favorite Korean exfoliating washcloths are great for removing dead skin on your body, leaving your skin super soft and refreshed. And at only $5 for eight powerful washcloths in two different strengths, you’re getting a great deal, too.


A Gentle Exfoliator That’s Great For Your Face & Neck

This popular Cure Natural Aqua Gel exfoliator is gentle enough to use on your face, neck, and other areas of the body with dry skin without scrubbing. Using an activated hydrogen water formula, the gel refreshes all skin types without fragrance, colors, or preservatives.


These Turkish Cotton Towels That Get Softer With Each Wash

These super absorbent Turkish cotton bath towels take up less space and dry faster than thick towels so you won’t get stuck with mustiness. The best part? These towels get even softer each time you wash them and come in nine vibrant colors to brighten up your bathroom decor.


A Shower Filter That’s Great For Hair, Skin & Nails (Especially If You Have Hard Water)

Using a unique multistage filter system infused with vitamins and minerals, this revitalizing shower filter reduces chlorine and chemicals in the water to help with the damaging effects of hard water on your hair, skin, and nails. The easy-to-install filter works with all standard shower types, and the replaceable filter cartridges provide about six months of better showers.


These Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapers That Help Reduce Bad Breath

To help reduce bad breath, remove bacteria, and give your taste buds a boost, pick up this two-pack of stainless steel tongue scrapers with a convenient carrying case. Use the rustproof tongue scraper twice a day in combination with brushing to keep your mouth feeling fresh. With a 4.7-star rating, it has lots of fans.


A Handheld Shower That Has 6 Spa-Like Water Settings

This easy-to-install handheld shower with hose upgrades your shower with six water settings including Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, and Rain Mist. The sleek chrome handheld shower has an ergonomic grip handle, adjusts to the perfect angle, and works as an overhead shower head, too.


A Lightweight Squeegee That Makes The Bathroom Streak-Free

Get your shower door, mirror, and other surfaces around the bathroom shiny and streak-free with this all-purpose shower squeegee. The lightweight squeegee has a 10-inch wide rubber blade and comfy ergonomic handle, and it’s easy to store using the included set of waterproof adhesive hooks. Pair it with your favorite cleaning product for maximum sparkle.


A Scrub Brush Kit That Works With Your Cordless Drill

This bathroom power scrubbing kit works with your favorite drill to deep clean the tub, sink, porcelain fixtures, and more. The all-purpose power scrubbing kit comes with three medium bristle nylon brushes of varying sizes and shapes so you can clean all the nooks and crannies around the bathroom (and beyond) with ease.


This Powerful Cleaning Gel That Gets Rid Of Mold & Mildew Without Scrubbing

Removing pesky mold and mildew around the bathroom is super easy thanks to this powerful mold and mildew remover gel. Place the gel wherever you see mold and mildew — like on tile and grout around the sink, windows, tub, and shower head — then wait six to eight hours and rinse the mold away all without scrubbing.


The Essential Oil Toilet Spray That Stops Bathroom Odors

The cult-favorite, nontoxic Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go toilet spray uses a blend of essential oils to stop bathroom odors before they start. By adding a few spritzes to the toilet bowl before you go, odors are trapped under a layer of fragrant essential oils. Choose from lots of scents including Original Citrus (a blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass) and Potty Potion (lavender, tea tree, and rosemary).


This Drain Overflow Cover That Lets You Take Deeper Baths

For a more luxurious bath, add this bath overflow drain cover to your tub. The flexible, mildew-resistant cover uses suction cups to fit over most common overflow drains, basically moving the drain up a few inches. Thanks to a 1-inch hole at the top of the cover, excess water still drains safely while you enjoy a deeper, better bath.


This Curved Shower Rod That Instantly Gives You More Shower Space

This clever curved shower rod adds about 6 inches of space in the shower, and its tension-mount design means it’s easy to install with no tools required. Made from lightweight aluminum, the rust-proof shower rod quickly adjusts to fit standard showers.


A Blackhead Remover Vacuum That Deep Cleans Your Skin

Remember when everyone started using pore strips in the ’90s? Well, this blackhead remover vacuum, which removes blackheads, acne, dirt, and dead skin from your face, is the modern upgrade for skin-care aficionados. The powerful, USB-rechargeable vacuum comes with four suction heads to target different areas of the face and has five adjustable suction levels for various skin types, so it’s even safe for sensitive skin.


This Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment That’s Super Easy To Install

Give your bathroom a major upgrade with this easy-to-install bidet toilet seat attachment. The cold water bidet features a chrome-plated knob that adjusts water pressure, a retracting nozzle, and a hygienic nozzle guard gate that keeps the bidet clean when it’s not in use. Plus, this affordable gadget can be added to any standard two-piece toilet in just a few minutes.


This Device That Painlessly Removes Unwanted Facial Hair

Don’t pluck and pull at unwanted facial hair — just use this device to painlessly remove it. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are gentle enough on your skin that you can use it every day, plus it’s even waterproof so that you can trim in the shower. It’s perfect for unwanted peach fuzz, and all it requires is one AA battery.


A Bamboo Bath Tray That Holds Books, Beverages & More

Make your bath extra relaxing with this bamboo bathtub tray, which expands to fit most tubs. Made from 100% bamboo, the water-resistant tray has slots for a tablet or book and a wine glass, and there’s plenty of room for your smartphone, a mood-setting candle, or toiletries.


A Mesh Organizer That’s Great For Storing Toiletries & Toys

The Tub Cubby bathtub organizer is perfect for holding bath toys, and it’s also a great way to store toiletries. Made from quick-drying, mold-resistant mesh, the organizer has three small pockets and one large compartment for storing all your bath time essentials. The cubby comes with two strong suction cups for easy installation, plus two extra hooks for hanging loofahs and washcloths.


This Toilet Paper Holder Made With A Convenient Shelf

This rust-resistant toilet paper holder comes with all the hardware you need to easily screw it into your wall. The built-in shelf is a great place to rest your phone, keep a second roll, or even hold an air freshener, and many Amazon reviewers wrote about how it’s even able to accommodate extra-large rolls of toilet paper.